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Friday, 4 January 2008


ZANU PF children as well. It's only fair coz tinoda regime change in Zimbabwe. We are fed up, hama dzedu dzapera kuurayiwa namugabe neshamwari dzake, nevana vavo nembwa dzavo. This is an appeal for an immediate review of sanctions list to Canada, UK, USA, NZ and Australia. God Serve Zimbabwe
Posted By Taneta Maneto , LUTON, UK : May 1 2007 07:45 AM
Tsika Nemagariro
Do you know their names,email or post them please.We are racing against time.
Posted By Fair Deal Campaign Staff , Canada : May 1 2007 01:46 PM
Posted By LOL , UK UK UK : May 1 2007 02:23 PM
Australian Media Request
I am a journalist with the Australian national broadcaster (the ABC) and I am following this story on the children of Zimbabwe ministers in Australia. If you have any information which may assist me please contact me. Totally off the record. Confidentiality assured. carlisle.wendy@abc.net.au
Posted By Wendy Carlisle , Sydney Australia : May 3 2007 02:51 AM
illegal prostitute
Vimbayi Caroline Madamombe studying in Wolverhampton UK , abusing the British TAX system while she achieves her degree in BIO CHEMISTRY, Illegally based in Wolverhampton , she continously insults England and their polices , yet she feeds off their Student loan system and her cousins steal money by using other peoples details while they reside in this country illegally
Posted By Mr F , Birmingham : May 3 2007 11:42 AM
What kind of information are you exaclty after , Wendy. Be specific
Posted By repply,reply , : May 4 2007 04:09 AM
Bob Imhata
GOD, we have been praying since we won independance for mugabe to get out of power but up until now he is still here. Vanhu, mungatadze kumuuraya, zimbabweans are chickens for sure.
Posted By Dhodhi , Perth ,Australia : May 4 2007 05:50 PM
Aust media answers
It's interesting to read this debate about the children - the for and against. I'm not intersted in getting partisan...just want to report the debate about the disapora...the ones who like many of you have fled and ones like the kids of ministers who are out in Australia possibly financed on the ill gotten gains of Mugabe's Ministers. Plus the Australian governemt has sanctions against the Mugabe government, which banancial transactions with the 150 individuals on the sanctions list. I want to know if Australian sanctions are being breached. Our governemnt is not saying anythign about this. are for instance the ministers sending money to their kids in Australia? this would be a breach of our sanctions. Plus there's Reason Wafaworova who according to this website is a chief architect of the youth militia. he's here in Australia. I need evidence to report this. If you have it - photos's, documents, evidence of crimes or people I can talk to please get in contact. Totally confidential best Wendy Carlisle Journalist ABC Radio National 61 2 8333 1384 carlisle.wendy@abc.net.au
Posted By Wendy Carlisle , Sydney Australia : May 8 2007 07:12 AM
Apologies if I appear to be preaching...it's not my intention...Just wanting to report the story. I also welcome contact from the "children" who are being outed on this site to hear their perspectives. You can't pretend the international media won't be watching this story.
Posted By wendy , oz : May 8 2007 08:52 AM
Wendy ABC and the Editor
Hey Wendie ABC , we want this story made public your PM said it is time to stop handling Mugabe with kid gloves yet Mugabes cronies continure to flawt the sactions . These children need to go back home to see the mess their parents have made of the country then maybe they will stop defending them. I was just home last year and couldn,t even recognize my beautiful country. Imi msathanyoko that are coming onto this site to try and defend thieves watch out!!!!!!.The money the are spending here is obviously stolen loot from Zim , there is no doubt about that . Imi Mr editor for you to keep you credibility with us we need to see movement on this issue , contact people like Wendy and supply her with relevent info , you have the "motherload " of all our contributions and tips so act.
Posted By Msugu , Leeds UK : May 9 2007 01:10 AM
Please keep the names rolling we are in the final stages of the campaign,you can also alternatively email the names.Keep them rolling we are running out of time.
Posted By Fair Deal Campaign Co-ordinator , Canada : May 9 2007 06:25 AM
yall, i know it bites when your tax dollars are not being used to make the country a better place to be in. But to hell with the idea of stalking the ministers' children, that is very childish and silly. i think everyone who is taking part in all this is silly and needs to grow. No offence , but, thats just my view on all this. Do something productive with your time.!!!!
Posted By Cindy Moore , Mutare, Zim : May 10 2007 04:52 AM
mubvunzo kuvana wembozha
imi hamunyare here kana muchitaurwa nezvenyu nguva dzose? sei musingaudze vabereki venyu kuti vasiyane nenyaya dzeuori vachiuraya nyika vagdzirise nyaya yenzara iri kunetsa muzimbabwe. zvino mukadzoserwa kuzimbabwe muri kunofa nenzara vanun'una. imi ndimi munopota muchinyebera vanhu kuti mugere zvakanaka imi muchitambura. zivaichinhu chimwe chete kuti mwari haasi benzi anoziva musi waachati vanhu vasimuke varwe nekuti hapana kusiri kufa. nzara inokunda hondo, imi vana vacho ndimi muchatangwa nekuti munofunga kuti makadzidza imi muri mazimbavha anobira vanotambura.
Posted By kutambura , somaria : May 10 2007 09:54 AM
Posted By XOBANI KHUMALO , CHIVHU ZIMBABWE : May 10 2007 11:10 AM
Fair Deal
I am Mischeck Chinamasa's son,you know the former deputy finance minister and Patrick Chinamasa is my uncle.Murikutandanisa chamupupuri.
Posted By Sam Chinamasa , London UK : May 10 2007 11:33 AM
Fair deal Chairo
Its bullshit to say you do not share your parent's ideology. The point is to fix yo parents because of the evil they are perpetrating to innocent pple. They have looted farms, cash, .. basically everything. If your father dies today will you not inherit that bloody wealth? pamhata penyu mhani. This is a fair deal.
Posted By Simbimbino , Gauteng province : May 10 2007 03:03 PM
Partakers of our wealth
Inini problem yangu ndeyekuti vana vemaZanupf members vanotumirwa mazimari nevabereki vavo.Unusual large amounts of forex that have been obtained through illegal activities or maybe through the Reserve Bank.Vamwe vachitambura,ivo vagere and the Reserve Bank states that they have no forex for students who really need it for their school fees.These kids rub it in our faces by having abnormally large bank accounts, luxury cars, luxury accommodation and they live decadent lifestyles compared to normal students who dont have a cent because of the situation back home.Some are getting deported, some are dropping out of uni .Despite this their parents and they themselves remain unrepentent.They view this as their God Given Right! God given right to be lawless thugs,immoral hence aids infested and plunderers of Zimbabwes wealth.Note this:Iwe CHINAMASA! NEVAMWE VAKO if we cannot touch you, kana urichampupuri.Mwari akasika champupuri chacho ndiye achakubata chete.No man has immortality in their hands and no one thing ever reamins the same.
Posted By Zvichanaka Chete , KwaChivi : May 10 2007 05:17 PM
Keep up the good work guys ,we must put pressure on the Mugabe regime from abroad and within, but why are we targeting only the children,yet there are other senior ZANU PF officials who are living in luxury abroad i.e. in the UK, USA,Australia,Canada etc.some have even claimed asylum. Some comments on your website are made by members of the CIO , so don't be discouraged comrades, aluta continua!
Posted By Nyika ndeyedutese , UK : May 11 2007 12:18 AM
Nyika ndeyedutese
If you know any relative closely related or benefiting from the Mugabe regime please supply the details.Thank you.
Posted By Fair Deal Australia Co-ordinator , Perth,Australia : May 11 2007 12:25 AM
kuna miss cheque chinamasa
i know where you are i am coming there wright now. dakuona kuti urichamupupuri zveshuwa here? isu vamwe tinoshanda zvakaomarara kuedza kubatsira vabereki vari kutambura kumusha iwe ndopauno taura marara akadai.
Posted By chinokura chinokotama , next door yako : May 11 2007 08:33 AM
Response to Wendy ABC
Wendy with all this information posted above iam sure you can pick out the names that have been mentioned of the kids who are in Australia using Zimbabwe's politician's ill gotten money. Why dont you get those names and verify yourself wther its true or not that taht are resident in Australia. If you are serious iam sure you will get the time to verify all this.
Posted By find, find , new zealand : May 14 2007 01:33 AM
Editor pleae make progress on this
Whoever the editor of this is can you please forward Wendy the details of the children who have been identified that are in Australia by now you should have all this information and we want to see action please forward the details to Wendy A.S.A.P Wendy my wquestion is what are you going to do once you get the details?? are you going to publish that??
Posted By action,action , new zealand : May 14 2007 01:41 AM
I Love ZimDaily
Iwe gamba msathanyoko wamai vako mhani . Who are you telling to go back home, kunoitei???, tiri kubhatsira vabereki vedhu tiri kuno , who will pay me $3000 a month kumba, heee??? . Uri dhuzvi just to show you how stupid you Zanu idiots are uri kunyora izvi urikuno newewo, nhai zvenyu vanhu how stupid is this fool. Munofunga kuthi kuno ndekwenyu mega ,hee iwe dhuzvi raMugabe , we are not going anywhere muchamama chete , you Zanu swin!!!!!!!, unofunga kuthi you can scare us like you do at home, you are waisting your time.
Posted By Msugu , Leeds UK : May 15 2007 12:37 AM
Posted By Gonotronics , chitown : May 15 2007 02:36 AM
Posted By NXOBANI KHUMALO , CHIVHU ZIMBABWE : May 15 2007 09:04 AM
Concerned world citizen
iam not zimbabwean, but please guys look on the roots of your suffering-Lancaster Agreement and the unneccessary sanctions impossed by Britain.The parents of these kids are earning a lot of money, they can be able to send their kids to overseas, it happens everywhere.Stop barking and look on constructive things
Posted By Wanuna anga tiviwi , South Africa : May 15 2007 09:07 AM
I am a journalist living in perth, Australia. I am told Mugabe's niece lives here and would like to contact her. Does anyone have her address or telephone number?? If so, please email to matabele@hotmail.com
Posted By John Redfern , Perth Australia : May 15 2007 02:01 PM
these kids
kana muchida kunyatso rwadzisa vanhu musa ngotora vana vachero minister nekuti not all ministers are loved by matibili, madii kutora vana vake iye first mozo tora vamwe. besides there is no-one with the guts to do such a thing. Who is going to start? Guys i think you are running of out of things to do. Nothing is going to make that guy step down, rufu chete ndirwo rwucha mubvisa. If we could concentrate on building our lives and our children's future. let us be productive. Send people home ideas or capital to start up projects so that when we go back home we'll know where to start from. i dont support Zhanu but let us concentrate on our lives and our future. Think about it
Posted By Roxy Candy , paris, france : May 15 2007 03:19 PM
I Love ZimDaily
Hey concerned world citizen keep your beek out of Zimbabwe you know nothing about whats happening in our country. Whats worse your own country SA is headed the same way as us , but you are too dumb to know this , good luck !!!!!
Posted By Msugu , Leeds UK : May 16 2007 12:04 AM
dumb world citizen
Concerned world citizen , concern youself with your our country , you have a worse problem than us , so you are next beleive me.
Posted By Lobengula Masaga , London UK : May 16 2007 12:07 AM
I Love ZimDaily
Leave the kids alone, it is not their fault their daddys are rich
Posted By Dodi Al Fayed , London : May 16 2007 01:35 AM
Yave Hondo
Thanks for this info. Let it be known to Zanu PF that if one of my relatives is murdered in Zimbabwe, one politician's child is dead. And to all Selous Scouts all over the world, these kids are sitting ducks. One dead Zimbabwean at home one dead politician's child.
Posted By Pamwe Chete , Ozz : May 16 2007 06:16 AM
mwana wenyoka
Hassana Nengoni mwan waChimutengende uri kutsvagei kuLuton uko? Go back to your father and us alone.Basa rekubira vana vevanhu mota dzavo uchitumira kuzimbabwe.Uchamama.
Posted By Dedicated Zimbuko , South Africa : May 16 2007 03:20 PM
mhanyisai nyaya iyi mhani .RIGHT now australia is ripe for this story neyaya ye ricket imi mnozviziva .Mr moderator where are you .....whats the status of our mission.Kana zviri kunetsa tipei isu list tiisvitse kuna Mr Downer. Personally ndanonokerwa nemaoperations enyu and i am now writting my own list from this forum yevanhu vese varimuno muausutralia.
Posted By ozzy chic , australia mate : May 17 2007 03:46 AM
Australia in Action
Ko imi veFair Deal indaba kusatiudza kuti Australia is taking action about ZANU (PF) relatives and cronies. Ndatozviona pawww.zwnews.com. Update us otherwise Fair Deal inoruza steam.
Posted By Taneta Maneto , Luton, UK : May 17 2007 02:46 PM
I happen to know that an MP of zanu pf is married to a doctor who is practising in south west.the mp was here a couple of weeks ago and proceeded to go to america.this travel ban is a joke guys .the kids of this bustard are currently seeking asylum .we cant erely on anybody to help us chaps this is now down to us
Posted By allan mashumba , leeds : May 17 2007 04:10 PM
ladies and gentlemen ,we got `em
u betta be scared niggas coz i got ya`ll,i`m in contact with the right person,ya`ll mathafakaz r gonna suffer 4 yo father`s wrongs.they say "keep yo britain ,i`ll keep ma Zimbabwe",so what r their kids doin` here.Ya`ll goin home fellas,why can`t they go to U.Z.?I know all ya if u r in Bris&Gold Coast.By the way i`m workin in Immigration& i know all ya i`ve seen u at the zimbo parties. Sly chihuri thanks for yo car u are about to go( holden SS valued at AUD$21 000)
Posted By BOUNTY HUNTER , BRISBANE baby : May 18 2007 05:46 AM
I`m a real hater
i got a list of about 50 zim black asses.KO machinda what do u think about GUSHAZ?u know the bitch i`m talkin about,i reckon he`s a CIO,n-way pamhata i hate yo grown ass.BRO all i need is permission i can get rid of all this suckerz.Hell yea i can pull the trigger son ,on yo bitch asses,make yo all yo pops feel the pain that our families feel back at home
Posted By BOUNTY HUNTER , BRISBANE baby : May 18 2007 06:02 AM
mo fire
ngaitzve ,tsika magear driver ..pisai zvivanhu izvi ..time to go home those studying at uniz in Victorian we coming from the inside .. fry bitches
Posted By cool runner , Mel-york : May 18 2007 06:57 AM
If you are in Australia you Zanu PF thuggers, you are going home. I've been incontact with the right people. I have compiled a list of about 60 of these spoilt kids. Hey, imi mose munoda kuvanzwira tsitsi siyai zviende kunotonga Zim nana Baba vavo. We all know that the fruit doesn't fall far from it's tree. Iwe Chigwedere unoita destory education yeZim but wounza zvivana zvako kuno ku Australia. Uchamama, Slyvester Chihuri yako yekupota uchienda kuLondon kuholiday nekutya kudzokera kuZimba uchamama nekuti ndiko shamwari yangu kwauri kuenda. Please if you can give me the full list yemazita ose tiiape zvedu kune varikutsvaga. Imi Editor I have the name of the right person wekwa Minister chaiye arikutoda mazita emazivana ose evanhu veZanu PF. Please write to me on tntbrown31@yahoo.com.au. Endai vana veva takati
Posted By MEL BROWN , AUSTRALIA : May 19 2007 08:15 PM
Go Canada Go!
OTTAWA — The Canadian Senate last week voted to cut diplomatic ties with Zimbabwe in protest at human rights excesses by President Robert Mugabe's security forces as Australia began measures to identify and deport family members of Zimbabwe's ruling elite.
Posted By Agent 77 , Global Village : May 21 2007 08:16 AM
Brisbane city Australia land of bitch's both Zanu pf and M DC Kids Brisbane the land of pimps and hoe. Some Students varibika mapoto
Posted By fuck you , : May 21 2007 09:19 AM
more efforts needed
wow this forum is amazing, clearly a lot of time and energy has gone into this project. however allow me to point out a few things, Its very easy to hide behind a keyboard and the internet, how many of you have actually done anything to removed Bob and co, or are you just armchair revolutionaries?? So like true fighters for justice you have now decided to go for these people's children. how heroic and honourable. you must be following the example of great leaders of the past...or not. I would suggest you place your energies and time in doing something that would actually help improve out situation in Zimbabwe but I suppose it's easy for a coward to give some kid's details out. Now allow me to address all of you come after all these little devils, you should really focus on improve your own lives and education yourselves so that you may also live a better life than just trying to send these kids home. even if you do succeed how will that improve your own life? I promise you none of these kids don't waste a breathe thing about you or your situation un like you. I wish you all the best in your hunt but I doubt you will get far. however as I little devil myself I laugh whole heartedly at all of you. I live a fantastic life, I've been educated at the best schools in the world, I have a nice shinny red passport. I may bonus alone is properly more than what you earn in a whole year. ha ha yes im laugh at you, good luck on your search and sending us home. HA HA if you're lucky I'll give you a job one day!! have a nice life idiots coz I know I will.
Posted By living well , london UK : May 21 2007 12:32 PM
I Love ZimDaily
You morons mind your own business and leave these people alone.They havent done anything wrong and if you are not real cowards confront their parents and not them.
Posted By Huruyadzo , Gweru Zimbabwe : May 21 2007 12:58 PM
mel brown and bounty hunter
yall suckers and fakaz.what is it with you people tht you will ever gain from getting some people down? yes they are ministers kids but DID THEY APPLY TO BE BORN? what if it was you in their shoes HOW WERE YOUR COMMENTS YOU WROTE DOWN going to reflect to you? I think one of you guys akarambwa ne vana vema minister so u tryna take it on them .. haha ..u know it aint gonna succeed!!! You are all jus tryna act or actually doing it like Simon Peter in the bible.The Almighty God is going to fight their battles against you all haters.If you think your HATRED IS GREATER THAN GOD'S LOVE AND POWER ,OHH MAN WAKAOMA..WE ARE WAITING TO SEE who is going to win..YOU or GOD!!! Im done with you haters.
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 21 2007 03:26 PM
hURUYADZO im with you right there bby
Huruyadzo ...u know what ... i wish kut dai vanhu vese avava vari against these kids vachifunga zvine sense like you. IM WITH YOU ALL THE WAY... WHY YOU PPLE CANT CONFRONT THEIR PARENTS NHAI?? ahh izvezvi some they are not working asi vari ku diaspora ...how do u expect to rise up nhai.. wen these ministers kids work like madhongi...motanga kuti hanzi hee they r gein money from where-zim? I Know one of the officials kids aimbova ku UK ... aienda pama college aya aya ,she used to work ne some of my friends kuma warehouse,she passed ma course ake aaiita and she was actually paying her schools fees ega.after she passed akaenda pa WESTMINISTER UNI and graduated now tht she worked so hard to get all she ha now..mavakutanga ku muti chii chii ..hamusvodi ipapo. im proudly to say ..I WISH I CAN FOLLOW HER FOOTSTEPS ..SHEZ MY INSPIRATION...AND SOME OF YOU GUYS OUT THER... WILL LOVE N RESPECT YALL SEZVAMURI NOT cz of your BACKGROUND... ¬***********************************************************¬ THE OTHER THING IMI MESE MURI KUTI CHII CHII HEE UZ HEE CHAKUTI CHAKUTI ...I gat a question for yall.. what exactly are are you doing?? You can't do some type of jobs ..why because you dont have enough qualifications to meet the job description...these kids they r on Universities most of them .. hello am i right.. what are they doing... building their life up,working-coz vakadzidza neshungu kuchikoro vakapasa ..now they are where they are. ahh munondishamisa shuwa ma haters ... dzidzaiwo kufunga like HURUYADZO...anoshandisa common sense..and vamwe vari in support of these kids!!!
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 21 2007 04:50 PM
another one.
there is one here in melbourne her name is vimbai munyara she is possibly the niece of. many people are unaware of her but i want you to add her palist yamasata nyoko because she has ties with the dictator, mutasa, chombo and most of all didmus mutasa.
Posted By the punisher , melbourne, australia : May 21 2007 08:28 PM
Please GROW UP!
You guys are just humiliating . Get some integrity i'm glad you get joy from gossiping about other peoplea and no i'm not a minister's child and no my parents have no roles in parliament. I think it's tragic that some Zimbabweans find some sort of sick pleasure in pulling each other down. All of you need to get a life asap and start doing more constructive things with your time rather than complaining about injustice ie do something to improve yourselves.
Posted By SBU , United Kingdom : May 21 2007 11:32 PM
Posted By GOOD CITIZEN , BIRMINGHAM.UK : May 22 2007 01:38 AM
good citizen
yah u r a true hater.uchafa ne bhonzo. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ANYWAY??
Posted By Bonadife , same ole : May 22 2007 01:43 AM
Get your fact right zimdaily
Your site needs editors who gather the true facts and not this junk the write and post daily. I notice that some of the editors are afraid to use the actual names. Come clean you losers. You obviously are Zimbas who failed to make it in Zim are taking it out on those who made it. Let the Zanu kids live their lives and your get your own. PEACE!!
Posted By NON YOUR DAMN BUSINESS , WHAT EVER : May 22 2007 05:51 AM
To The Editor
This was an excellent idea. I suspect all the recent calls of lifting of sanctions by this murderous regime is in part due to fears that something will come out of this. One suggestion: This lists of posts is now too long and cumbersome leading to repetition of names etc. Why not reduce all contributions so far to a list of names with details and clear all pastt contributions, so as to allow for new additions of names? I suspect that Australia maybe the best first call for taking some action on this - the government there has been the most supportive. Canada might be the best next consideration after Australia. 1. The US is too distracted with Iraq, has a complicated politico-legal system and Bush is on his way out. 2. Blair is on his way out even sooner and I don't think Zimbabwe will be one of Gordon Brown's priorities. 3. Mbeki is a lost cause. Imi muri mudiaspora, keep the contributoins - this regime has left us very little space to do anything else to get their attention and acceptance of the fact that we want our country and futures back. To the kids, don't take it personally - we are not after you but your parents who are supporting a murderous regime. While you are all getting cheap forex from Gono, many Zimbabweans are suffering at home to carry the weight of Mugabe and his looters.
Posted By Munya Chitsanga , : May 22 2007 08:38 AM
Vana veZanu
I've just read a sad article about the Border Gezi camps. How youth that have recently finished school have to go there first before they can train to be teachers and nurses.They are trained to kill,torture,rape innocent civilians.They are given drugs and alcohol inorder to do this.Girls in the camps are raped or willingly have sex with their commanders for more or better food.Why did your fathers not send you there? If it compulsory for other people's children?.You buy luxury cars,clothes, jewellery while others die nekuti hakuna magetsi,mvura ,chikafu.And you say we are jealous of you? NO!its the injustice that we are enraged by.Your fathers loot,plunder our economy and you say we're Haterz? Grow up! Open your eyes and see the damage your fathers have done.Then see why people are angry.Thats why you need to go home and see for yourselves kuti Nyika yashata.
Posted By Teacher Tosvorai , Zimbabwe : May 22 2007 10:14 AM
i got money in the bank!
picture a zanu kid burnin rubber,better yet on a tubless 26'inch chromed out tyre,as i accelerate i love to see ur tax form a thick cloud,my contribution to green peace,im rich bicthes and got a somalian passport,i aint duckin U,i'm in tha hood lik WOT U GON DO?im livin soo comfortable if i aint in heavan,then im surely on my way!!i spen about 20thou (usd) on my girl's spa fees yearly too mate.. wer jus untouchable.... ya'l should jus get ur game up,step ur chain up coz even tho my paps helped me out a bit,im a self made buckd out niga! holler if u hear me!
Posted By RICH BOUY JR , CALIFORNIA : May 22 2007 01:48 PM
Posted By GOOD CITIZEN , BIRMINGHAM,UK : May 22 2007 04:13 PM
Hey Poor zimbabaweans
Please dont hate you poor Zimbabaweans. Find money and come overseas bustards fuck you.
Posted By fuck you , Australia : May 23 2007 04:45 AM
I have complied a very good list now. I have sent some names to the Authorities. Chihuri rako riri pamberi. I will be sending more, Thanks to those who are sending lists. Hey guys don't listen to those who are trying to stop this forum. I know kuti Ma CIO and the kids themselves. they are shit scared. I bet they are not sleeping. Shuwa kudzokera here kwakuenda ku UZ kana kuSolusi. Nhaka muchamama. Why are these people vari kutituka vasingadi kuisa mazita avo chaivo? Vanotya!! YOU ARE ALL CHICKENS!!!
Posted By MEL BROWN , BELLA VISTA - SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA : May 23 2007 06:54 AM
DON'T FORGET TO E-MAIL ME WHILST YOU ARE AT IT tntbrown31@yahoo.com.au
Posted By MEL BROWN , BELLA VISTA - SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA : May 23 2007 06:58 AM
Mel Brown
iwewe put ur name ka...and pliz send us a link showing that the authorities wako are debating it or even considerading doing what u saying..revoking geneva conventions coz of u mel b...u wl b shocked ne hope dzavari kurara vana ava..iwe negodo rako uri ipapo..opefully uri kuenda ku uni kwacho futi..so dat u mek sth for urself otha than spend the rest of ur life on forums, posting unalloyed comments.
Posted By ini , ikoko : May 23 2007 10:35 AM
Mel Brown
lol continue compiling ur lists hey, aint it exam time, verenga hako...so u think the authorities dont knw these people are there, aussie has 6 intelligence org: asis, asio, dsd, nta, digo among them plus immigration dimia and u skeem they dont knw kuti vana ava variko..keep wasting time compiling those lists lol wats a looser
Posted By , : May 23 2007 10:41 AM
Deport the fuckers NOW
Iwe mbwanana yaMinister, imbwa dzevanhu ndiani? Ndosaka baba vako varikukwira Sekesai... Rich Buoy in Cali, I'll find ya and I'll smoke ya bitch ass like u smoking my tax $$$ Mel B keep it up we got em by e nuts
Posted By Dead President , NYC, US : May 23 2007 12:21 PM
taura hako ini -ikoko and ,.
nhai zvenyu imi...hanzi i gat ma authorities ...ko ngatipiwei ka ma links tione the progression you are making nhai iwe MELBROWN. Hanzi ini ndini melbrown i am married to a white australian man.U once told me you got married to an australian just because u needed to have a better life.Got laid by an aussie amn for the sake of Status. I REMEMBERED YOU NOW. that is y you are just a stingy hater.You did not make it yourself ..i think its coz education was lacking somewher.. you know why it was lacking?? its coz u waste your time thinking and trying to bring some people down ... instead of building you own life. Now why cant you just get your facts right and stop wasting your time contrubuting such nonsense on this useless thread!!! You know these OFFICIALS' kids's fathers and mothers huh... so why cant you go to their fathers and get it right from them face to face or waeva other than trying to get them kids down??...coz byach they aint GOING DOWN!!! im sure pawaverenga that thread from RICH BOUY IN US moyo wako waita kuvira ne shanje .. hahahaha.I know vanhu vane godo kuti munonzwa sei kani...lol YOU BETTER LOVE THEIR GAME byach!!!HATING ERM aint gonna take you kupi nekupi.THEY ACHIEVE WHAT THEY HAVE BECAUSE THEY OR THEIR PARENTS WORKED SO HARD TO GET THEIR POSITIONS AND MONEY TO SPONSOR THEM. HAVE YOU EVER REALISED THT THESE KIDS ARE ON THOSE MAJOR UNIVERSITIES AND WORLD CLASS COLLEGES??--- put this in mind ... They did not go ther because of money BUT because of NJERE/PFUNGWA/they know how to use a pen and a paper.UNIs and COLLs dont take students because you gt money but because you gat HIGHER GRADES OF EDUCATION. iwewe you are Married to an white australian man(a person who was made//through scientific experiements..hahah dont get me twisted but that is the fact) ..right .. its because of one or two reason why u did that..but the cover up reason is coz you said Because u wanted to...huhITS ALL ABOUT CHOICES,the kids are living a good life because their parents want them to do it in that way..yo are livin -gettin laid with your skelletoral scientific based item coz u choose to do it that way.*MIND YOU I ANIT A HATER OR RACIST LIKE YOU MEL BROWN!!!* im just up for facts.. if i may ask you ..why on earth did you chose a white man as if the zimbabwean men were finished?? why ddnt you go home and gettin married kumba kuzimbabwe.. its coz u did not want to..these OFFICIALS KIDS are not in zimbabwe and aint going kwa border gezi camp thing coz they do not want to and most of them have been out of the country Gezi achiri mupenyu and again that thing zvisati zvatanga,. ahh ko iHosha dzavo ka ..dzinoita kuti vaitwe get laid for such a waste.. FOOD !!! HAHAHHA seka zvako BFDE. by any chance do you think if these kids vakaenda kumba .. dzokei ndipo pavanenge vachizombonoendako here kuma camps.. Well i think these kids are better-off vari kwavari thats not in zim coz once vadzokera ... twese tuhama twenyu twuya twusina kudzidza zvakakwana .. twakawanisa mabasa muma office vasina ma enuff qualifications for the posts will definately LOST THEIR JOBS and hey more money will be invested in /to these kids's SECURITY ..and still the government will be in shit..economic shit. Why aint thanking them kids for not tryna bring down your poor family kumba by not going bk to take their positions. THINK PEOPLE THINK...ewww musaonera nekufunga kani. YALL HATERS ... HAHAHA YOU ARE ALL LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 23 2007 08:05 PM
Posted By GOODCITIZEN , BIRMINGHAM : May 24 2007 12:16 AM
Maybe you are just jelous that I married a white man. I don't see my husband as white, for us we are just two people who fell in love and we have a family. I don't hate my brother and sisters back at home in Zimbabwe. I feel for everyone back there who is suffering because of mismanagement of our resources by you parents. Hey, I'm not here kutsvaga kutuka anyone. I think you Bobanfide you put all the facts together. WHY didn't you tell anonye that you had sent me an e-mail thinking that I was just a Uni Student who was rejected by these spoilt kids. that is when I told you that I married a white guy and see eveyone back home as my brothers and sisters. You what I don't need to explain myself to a low life as you. I'm a well educated woman who holds a very good job. Happy and not worried about going back KuZimbabwe. I have an MBA from one of the best Unis here in sydney. I came here on School so there you go. Why do you always think that all these African girls married to white men couldn't make it any other way. YOU ARE A LOW LIFE. BVUMA CHETE. mANJE YOU ARE GOING BACK.
Posted By MEL BROWN , BELLA VISTA - SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA : May 24 2007 02:13 AM
mel brown
hahahah my es!!! what do i cherish on white man.dikles pple hahah.Be real amai. ndisati ndamboenderera mberi.. i never emailed you amai..coz i dont associate with HATERS like you!!!! hahaha lo life..my es yo..i work amai and im a student too.Been at one of the WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITIES down here amai not one of the best National universities like you... ok .. iii hatichataure ka zvataka holder..in terms of quals. I aint an official kid ma.put that in mind. BE REAL YOU HATER.AKA.MEL BROWN !!!
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 24 2007 03:19 AM
goog citizen in birmngham-WEST MIDLANDS
Iwe did you read and understand and assess ukaona kuti im the same person na RICH BOUY??? usada kuzvisekesa nevanhu wazvinzwa...verenga ndima yako zvakanaka wonzwisisa wozopindura if u think you have to and ey u gtta do it right cz heheheh ini ndinokuseka handimborege and u r jus tryna show the whole world out there kuti u r a real fool!!!unoda kuti ndinyore nerwamai here rurimi kuti uhwisise?? uno makisa iwe.. eishh!!! tight drum-driller!!!I THINK U R MENTALLY DISTURBED SOMEWHER SOMEWHER ELSE!!!!
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 24 2007 03:25 AM
*good citizen
Iwe did you read and understand and assess ukaona kuti im the same person na RICH BOUY??? usada kuzvisekesa nevanhu wazvinzwa...verenga ndima yako zvakanaka wonzwisisa wozopindura if u think you have to and ey u gtta do it right cz heheheh ini ndinokuseka handimborege and u r jus tryna show the whole world out there kuti u r a real fool!!!unoda kuti ndinyore nerwamai here rurimi kuti uhwisise?? uno makisa iwe.. eishh!!! tight drum-driller!!!I THINK U R MENTALLY DISTURBED SOMEWHER SOMEWHER ELSE!!!!
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 24 2007 03:27 AM
mel brown.aka.hater
ahh ko nhai if i may ask ...kuzowana uite ka uroorwe neka murungu kako ikako.. KuZimbabwe kwanga kusisina ma zimmbabwean men here ..kana iko ku australia kwacho..zvakunenge kune jahwi wani?? Kudzidza in a foreign doesnt mean u have to get married in that country that is if wakadzidza ku aussie ikoko!!! wat im tryin to say or clarify rather is jus that ... PEOPLE DO STUFF COZ THEY WANT TO..WHY ...COZ ITS THEIR CHOICE.. so leave them kids alone!!! you choooose yo scientific based skelletoral brought to life by the BLACK MAN'S BRAINS to be your husband yer..They chooooooseee to be at where they are because they wanna and the manage it..i mn them OFFICIALS KIDS!! and ahh iwe godo rako ndiri kushaya parakananga chaiipo. for you own information ...I SWEAR I AINT GONNA EVER GET MARRIED TO A WHITE THING ahhhmmm WHITE MAN..NEVER.WILL DIE SINGLE HANGU!!! **************************************************************** IMI VANA VEMA OFFICIALS ... MUSAVHUNDUTSWA NEVANHU VAKADA AND ANYWAYS HAPANA CHAMUNOMBOFANIRA KUTYA BECAUSE you did not apply to be born!! LOVE YALL AND DO YOUR THING MAKAPOMBONOKA HENYU IMI.******************************************************************* Iwe mel brown..ko where is the link yekwavamu aurthority vako ivavo.U said u r married ,right??now go to your husband and start planning things for your future as a weird couple.Im not hating on him but u melbrown jus annoyed me to the last degree. im not a hater cz i was born to love!!! lemme go back kunopedzisa my school work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 24 2007 03:45 AM
City of Master Minds
Uri right enda kunopedzisa school work yako zveshuwa.Usatambe nenguva dzedu.Seriously maoutbursts ako akutibhohwa.Your actions are making us doubt your intelligence and motive.Ita private conference yako naMel Brown muri two else where.Please settle your scores elsewhere.
Posted By , : May 24 2007 12:56 PM
iwe munhu iwe... i aint hurting melbrown coz i aint a hater like her and some who are just dreaming all day long thinking of bringing some people down!!! Just be real and accept that we are living in a free world with a RIGHT to choooose your CHOICES!!! we all have that in mind just like you...you are or myt be trying to be against and hating them OFFICIALS kids ..u know wa ..its yo choice. you hv tht right to do so ..but u also have to be real and in real fact HATRED is not a tolerated choice.No-1 allows or likes it to happen..innit??
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 24 2007 03:35 PM
iwe munhu iwe... i aint *HATING melbrown coz i aint a hater like her and some who are just dreaming all day long thinking of bringing some people down!!! ngaatidzikamire chete apa.. Just be real and accept that we are living in a free world with a RIGHT to choooose your CHOICES!!! we all have that in mind just like you...you are or myt be trying to be against and hating them OFFICIALS kids ..u know wa ..its yo choice. you hv tht right to do so ..but u also have to be real and in real fact HATRED is not a tolerated choice.No-1 allows or likes it to happen..innit??
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 24 2007 03:37 PM
Posted By GOOD CITIZEN , BIRMINGHAM : May 24 2007 05:22 PM
Posted By ISHE VEMANGWANA , SOUTH AFRICA : May 24 2007 05:23 PM
chikafu chishoma
vana vemaminister ava vakadzokera kumusha vanopedzera hama dzedu chikafu pliz ndapota. ngavagare havo ikoko
Posted By chikafu chishoma kumusha , Checheche, ZIMBABWE : May 24 2007 05:28 PM
nana bambo vavo
tirikuda kutotumira anababa vavo ikoko kuno vapedza chikafu, mari neforex.munongonzwa kuti varikulooter kuno handiti better vauye ikoko valoote imi vanhu kwavo mudzoke kumusha.better vaendeeeee
Posted By sabhuku , Gumbodzvanda, Zimbabwe : May 24 2007 06:10 PM
I;m out of here. this forum is for people like you. Good-bye
Posted By MEL BROWN , BELLA VISTA - SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA : May 25 2007 12:06 AM
mel brown
ahh THANK YOU MY GOOD LORD,LORD OF MERCY for jus making this woman to understand that we dont tolerate hatred in this free world you send you son to die for us all. MelBrown ...usadzoke and dont bother kuswero chinja ma username wena coz either way i will still notice your hatred evil heart.YOU MELBROWN AND YOUR FELLOW HATERS MUSATOMBO GAYA YEKUDZOKA NETUMA SILLY SHALLOW MINDED THREADS FULL OF EVIL & HATRED AGAINST THESE OFFICIALS' KIDS. they are just kids.why hating vana zvakadaro nhai?
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 25 2007 03:19 AM
good citizen
so y cant you get life n be real then . u know the facts about the title of this thread and i know you know what is right and wrong about it.i also know that u know that HATING on KIDS does not mek any good thing to the country..AND IM SURE YOU KNOW THAT THEIR PARENTS ARE JUST SUPPORTING THEIR CHILDREN WITH WHAT THEY CAN BEST OFFER THEM,just like what YO MAMA and DAD did for you.. and you and yo fellow HATERS are just hating the fact that the OFFICIALS KIDS are being treated with QUALITY of life. DON'T HATE THE PLAYERS ,HATE THE GAME..STAND ON FACTS-NOT BESIDE THEM OR BEHIND THEM!!!
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 25 2007 05:52 AM
City of Masterminds.
Your IQ is very questionable mfana wami.Go elsewhere with your garbage.Inga Mel Brown abva wani? The FACTS are that part of the forex being looted in Zimbabwe by Zanu Pf officials is sent overseas to support their children.Mugabe is building a statue in honour of himself worth millions,he was given US$100 million for election campaigns.All That forex could be used to feed the hungry, treat water plants, pay for electricity.So that people dont suffer and die.But it seems that kana usiri muZanu uchafa chete.Ndiwo ma facts acho iwayo.Unoti chi-i nazvo? SO are we not expected to be OUTRAGED by the INJUSTICE? If you are intelligent enough to reply do so.
Posted By , : May 25 2007 06:13 AM
why are you asking my Opinion now iwe wati i mus go somwelse??you thick-headed..what mugabe is doing is totally nothing to do with the Officials'Juniors(them kids ).Its so unfortunate that u tryna show these kids all yo hatred jus coz u were born and raised in a poor family.Its not your fault.Cause u ddnt know anyfin.same to them kids ...they did not choose parents.they r just the children thoz parents mde it thru and hey ontop of it all they r the kids of the ZIMBABWEAN OFFICIALS CREW ...
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 28 2007 09:09 AM
your comments
Posted By RICH BOUY JR , usa,cali : May 28 2007 10:05 AM
""mweya wajudah" recorded in 1987 in murambinda
Posted By RICH BOUY JR , usa,cali : May 28 2007 11:26 AM
Zimdaily Nomera Uno
Thanx guys keep up the good work I am compiling a summarised list which I will forward thats an effective strategy lets expose them more names please more names thanx for responding keep it up Number One Zimbabwe Online Newspaper Kepp it real...peace....ndazvipira Judas akatengesa jesu nice one guys
Posted By Nhamodzenyika Magaba , Toronto, Canada : May 28 2007 01:00 PM
What is Rich Bouy JR saying by giving us these contrasting video. It appears he is the same guy on video 1 & 2. How many did you sell then to call yourself Rich Bouy JR?
Posted By Your Solicitor , London UK : May 28 2007 10:37 PM
Rich Bouy JR
Please leave Rich Bouy alone. He told me he went through thich and thin when his mother was on holiday and he decided to sleep in her bedroom that Matibili came expecting to fuck his mother and fucked him without even realising. It went on for some time before Matibili paid him off.
Posted By Ndugu Makwena , Macclesfield. UK : May 28 2007 10:48 PM
Alleged Zim militia leader exposed in Australia ABC radio report on family of ZPF in Australia, alleged militia leader Zimbabwe Information Centre Inc www.zic.com.au Media release Sunday, May 27, 2007, Children of the Mugabe regime studying here Today's ABC Radio National Background Briefing reveals that the Howard government's 'smart sanctions' against the Mugabe regime have been pretty relaxed for years, allowing adult children of core members of the regime to live and study here. But even more startling, the program exposed the presence of Mr Reason Wafawarova at Macquarie University in Sydney. Mr Wafawarova was a key official in the Ministry of Youth in Zimbabwe responsible for the training youth militias to torture in camps around the country. The youth militias known in Zimbabwe as 'green bombers' have been exposed and widely condemned by Amnesty International and the BBC Panorama program as responsible for widespread human rights abuses including rape, torture and murder of members of the opposition. The 'green bombers' were mobilised to replace the rapidly diminishing 'war veterans' whom Mugabe used in the violent farm invasions from 2000-2002, and in the massive repression around the June 2000 parliamentary elections. South African media reports suggest that the 'green bombers' are integrated into death squads run by Mugabe's Central Intelligence Organisation. "We call on the Howard government to investigate Mr Wafawarova for crimes against humanity committed in Zimbabwe and to arrest him if there is sufficient grounds," said Peter Murphy, Secretary of the Zimbabwe Information Centre in Sydney. On March 17, the Zimbabwe Information Centre released the names of nine children of ZANU-PF leaders listed by the Reserve Bank of Australia for 'smart sanctions': 1. Sylvester Chihuri, son of Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri, at the University of Queensland in Brisbane 2. Tendai Nguni, son of Sylvester Nguni, Deputy Minister for Agriculture 3. Kudzai Muchena, son of Olivia Muchena, Minister for Science & Technology Development 4. Thelma Chombo, daughter of Minister for Local Government, Ignatius Chombo 5. Taona Karimanzira, son of Harare Provincial Governor David Karimanzira, is in Brisbane 6. Emmerson Mnangagwa, son of Emerson Mnangagwa, Minister for Rural Housing 7. Pride Gono, Praise Gono, Passion Gono (children of Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono). Pride and Praise, twin sisters, are at Latrobe University in Melbourne. Passion is a son of Gideon Gono, and is said to be working in Sydney. The AUSTRAC agency would have records of any payment over A$10,000 made on behalf of these individuals. The ZIC called on the Howard government to take action under the smart sanctions to remove these individuals, and any more like them, from Australia.
Posted By MEL BROWN , BELLA VISTA - SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA : May 29 2007 06:38 AM
out of context as usual ma Zimba
Tati tipei mo names identify them we are compling a summarised list we know what to do with it mave kutuka vanhu fighting against each other rich bouy jnr regai akadaro hatinei naye this is a fight for the liberation of zimbabweans more names please mel browm mhata* yako asi uri grade 7 stop duplicating the names above we sed we want more different names stop wasting our time mhata*
Posted By Nhamodzenyika Magaba , Toronto, Canada : May 29 2007 01:25 PM
Great news guys
ABC reported last night on Reason green bombers presents in Ausralia, the net is closing in on this scum, . They exposed the lax smart sunctions ang aurgrd the gorvenment to arrest or kick out this barsted. Also mentioned were the Gono kids, Chihuri and a bunch of others keep up the pressure guys we will see justice done eventually.
Posted By Lobengula Masaga , Leeds UK : May 29 2007 03:36 PM
Not long Now!
These devil children will be kicked soon the Aus government has warned! The wrath of god is descending upon them for the sins of their parents. Justice will finally be served. Gono's kids must be the first to go!
Posted By thabo , UK : May 29 2007 03:58 PM
List Of Zanu PF Agents Living In the Land Of The Imperialists
Pane ma cio akatumwa atinogara nawo next one please tiri kuda lists of them please zimdaily tipeiwo lists of cios ndapota fairness ndizvo if they kill people for peacefull demonstrations lets go for it...I mentioned Zimdaily is the best yesterday u were the 1st on breaking about William Nhara today newzim yave kuzviita number one apo tirikuziva kuti i old news stale ...lol...keep up the good wek zimdaily until we are liberated ne chembere dzeZanu
Posted By Nhamodzenyika Magaba , Toronto, Canada : May 29 2007 04:24 PM
Posted By Simbi Masadza , London UK : May 29 2007 05:43 PM
why are your cookies not working
Whats up with your cookies Mr editor
Posted By Simbi Masadza , London UK : May 29 2007 07:08 PM
I Love ZimDaily
Posted By , : May 29 2007 08:57 PM
I Dare you Rich fool
Or what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to (in you case think). Idi Amin whom you try to defend tooth and nail slaughtered thousands of his fellow contrymen after kicking out the "foreigner" just to keep his grubby hands in the cookie jar and his disiesed d... in some pussy.You selecttive knowledge of history is laughble to say the least. Robert Matibili or Mugabarge which ever works for you is nothing but a yellow streek coward plucked from the heap because of his mastery of the english lanuage, this coward that you choose to hoist to the deezing hieght of liberation warrior did not fire a single shot even in celebration during the war,. The real warriors are buried in shallow graves aroung the country. This butcher of thousands is a coward and an opprtunist. Here again your knowledge of history is warped . You are pathetic, you try to fashion yourself like some sort of Malcom X , real revolutionaries come from the people , they do not call themselves rich bouys, or boast about illgotten gain. I take it you have not read Animal Farm, infact of this i.,m sure your interlect seems like that of my infant son, anyway read it and you will see that you and your lot are the filthy pigs in this book.Soon we will celebrate with roast pork.Or by the way nematambudziko nasekuru vako Diamond Gizzer, you think Cali is hot , beleive where hes at right now its even hotter. Please respond with facts and not your mambo jambo bull...
Posted By Msugu , Leeds UK : May 29 2007 09:18 PM
I Dare you Rich fool
If Matibili was sincere about redressing the monumental wrongs why did he not give the seized land back to the masses , but true to his opportunistic thieving ways he gave it to your thieving father and his lot. Pathetic armchair revoloutionaries like yourself ,stupid bandaner and all, matibili and his lot are full of shit, blowing hot air through your asses and using it as a smoke screen while you loot and plunder.The Japanese have this technique called the 100 year ambush , look it up , we have time and patiance but beleive me we will get you all .
Posted By Msugu , Leeds UK : May 29 2007 09:30 PM
Mel B I support you full time. Keep up the good work zvako iwe. Usatyisidzirwe nevana venyoka. Ende ndivo mahure big time. Ngavadzokere vanomira muraini yemaARV kuZim pamwe nemadzibaba avo vasinganyari vanohura vachishandisa ill gotten goods and powers. Vana rich buoy or rich msatanyoko muri vanavemahure bradishiti msatanyoko kusanyara. zvino mwena zvawavakuvharwa muchamhanyirepi? Be afraid, be very afraid. mangamajaira pamhata pavana amai venyu
Posted By Antonio Banderas , Manchester UK : May 30 2007 12:08 AM
Black Zimbawean found riches too soon in our stage of development or should l say evolution, hence the looting of wealth. There is an unmoral, not-focused breed of bastards who hae lost their identity as well as their dignity. 92% of these articles here are written by people who are assimilating other cultures. Most of you are the impersonation of the evil & foolishenss which you speak. Bottom line, those children should be held answerable. Such is life.
Posted By Thopmson Marechera , Harare : May 31 2007 12:17 PM
Come On
Chill. To what end.....? Get ur Sh.. together instead of of being ridicously petty. Nothing, absolutely nothing is gonna happen to these kids. Fortunately for them they live in rational societies. I am tired of this hate. Move on already
Posted By Be real , Miami, USA : May 31 2007 06:20 PM
Posted By Be real , Miami, USA : May 31 2007 06:20 PM
co-signed.. taura hako iwe... some people are just ahh ndatoshaya kana nemupanda chaiwo... PEOPLE STOP WASTING YOUR TIME,INSTEAD YOU BETTA MOVE ON AND DO YOUR WON STUFF.WHY HATING VANA ZVAKADARO? WHAT IF IT WAS YOU...?WHAT WAS GONNA B THE STORY TODAY?
Posted By Bonafide , City of MasterMinds : May 31 2007 11:48 PM
Long live Magnanimous Mugabe & Zim Patriots Phony blair is a mass murdering demon -- Iraqis
Don't you just love it and find it comical when an American is alleged to have called someone "The most oppressive, violent and tyrannical dictators of this time .."; and is not referring to their own and british mass murder of 650,000 Iraqi women, children, old people? Why would Mugabe care about losing 'honorary degrees' the pale devils hoped they could use to bribe Africans to surrender their ancestral lands and resources to invading thieves and murderers? For not confining the invading thieves and murderers of African people, the silly honorary degrees are like trinkets. I dare the devils to take their CHILDISH honorary degree trinkets away! LOL
Posted By Yaama Ji , Durban : Jun 1 2007 12:29 AM
listen up
if u realy wanna find them look on hi5 or google their names...
Posted By amon nyaoda , zim saints : Jun 1 2007 02:15 AM
Sympathisers will get it too
Vana 'Be Real Miami et.al. Do not even think that you are clever. The arrow is behind you. If you think you and the Looters are clever and wise, you got it wrong. Wait and see the Rage of Rightness. "Fear shall be struck in your hearts and those of your children & posterity". You actually think you will get away with this selfrightness bull. Bush na Blair ndi Bush na Blair. Isu mapessinari tichasotanachete. Munagarako musadzoke. You are naive you do not know what shapes the future. Till we cross paths..,
Posted By thompson marechera , Harare : Jun 1 2007 08:52 AM
Posted By KUZVIITIRA SVOTO , LONDON : Jun 1 2007 09:13 AM
net savvy
have you found any of these kids on facebook?
Posted By ExZim , Vancouver, Canada : Jun 1 2007 10:28 AM
net savy
yes they are on facebook not saying who but pic a surname and search it then they all come up....so there happy
Posted By hazvideyi , new zealand : Jun 2 2007 02:10 AM
july moyo's kids
july moyo has two kids here in australia studying at the university of Newcastle, son Tafadzwa and daughter chipo.
Posted By M.G.T , MELBOURNE Australia : Jun 6 2007 02:31 AM
By recycling this old and failed strategy, Zimdaily can only expose itself as one site that has ran out of news, ran out depth, ran out of steam and ran out of everything. It days are numbered. I am not happy tho because it was my prefered choice to that rogue Mududuzi's site. Vakawonana havashayane, Zimdaily! Rest In Peace, Zimdaily!
Posted By Ibbo Mandaza , Zimbabwe : Jun 6 2007 10:49 AM
Ana Butty Buoy
People like RIch Buoy should have their residency revoked and sent back to Zim to spread their findings to the youths in Border Gezi camps who did not go school, maybe they will make sense of his SHlT. We know what we believe in and what we want, we are independent individuials who are not interested in being brainwashed by fools like you or anyone else. So pack your staff and go to Zim. Munoda kuzviita vanhu vakadzidza asi mumusoro makazara maDHODl chete. Ndimi vanhu vanoti kana maziva chinhu one wofunga kuti you know everything, hapana zvaunoziva read widely and analyse your findings before you start blubering.
Posted By No Wonder , Canada : Jun 6 2007 09:59 PM
Posted By M.G.T , MELBOURNE Australia : Jun 6 2007 02:31 AM
" july moyo has two kids here in australia studying at the university of Newcastle, son Tafadzwa and daughter chipo. Posted By M.G.T , MELBOURNE Australia : Jun 6 2007 02:31 AM" and what r u doin iwe pachako .... mhata yemunhu ... get yo ass off that chair n go ku uni too or kubasa.uri gava haikona.
Posted By yes yes yes , fuckup mother fuckers and yall suckers : Jun 8 2007 02:27 AM
I Love ZimDaily
Yamama Ji or what ever your name is from Dubai, you,re an idiot and not worth much of a responce , get a life , msathanyoko!!!!!
Posted By Msugu , Leeds UK : Jun 8 2007 03:01 AM
I Love ZimDaily
nyika yasvika patiri apa nekuda kwana Yamama Ji wenyu uyu. Can you imagin kuti munhu ane dzakakwana anoona kunge Matibili arikuita zvinemusoro. Saka iye Yamama uyu anenge benzi nekuti munhu anedzakakwana should see kuti there is something wrong nehutongi huripo.
Posted By , : Jun 8 2007 03:06 AM
Mindless Delusion from Colonialists (MDC) "divide and rule" would cause Africans to foolish target o
Mindless Delusion from Colonialists (MDC) "divide and rule" would cause Africans to foolish target other Africans Africans who would target other Africans (and so benefit the pale invading thieves and murderers) are SELF-DESTRUCTIVE & DELUSIONAL victims of european devilish "divide and rule"! Zimbabwe's problems are rooted in the relentless efforts of evil europeans devils to dominate Africans and control African resources. Expel the evil europeans and their inimical influence; and Zimbabwe will be just fine! Africans need to REMEMBER that they have been SELF-SUFFICIENT for hundreds of generations. And Africansshould be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and SELF-DETERMINED again! Expelling the invading pale devils of europe and the other white gangs of europe along with their evil eurocentric influence should be the PRIMARY FOCUS of all alert Africans and Zimbabweans!
Posted By Yaama Ji , Durban : Jun 8 2007 06:22 PM
sources inform me that there is a rascal whose name was not on the list of government officials children .One Audrey Fadzayi KAUKONDE...YES kana kakaukonde is at Deakin University at the Geelong campus in Victoria.Please hatidi kusiya vanhu ...be efficient kwese kwamuri.Moderator pass this on.
Posted By detective barnes , melbourne : Jun 9 2007 04:24 AM
Musapinzwe fear zvenyu imi.
You guys i know kuti we all feel for our relatives back home home who are suffering under this Zanu regime, and that it is justifiable to have apathy towards the Zanu delegates but why let our wrath descend upon these innocent souls. It is not their fault that they have the resources to their disposure and i know that if you guys where in the same situation you'd just live as lavishly as they're or even worse. But ndisati ndaenda kure, mpfana RICH BOUY mhata yako, zvii zvaunotitumira zvimavideo zvako izvi. You're the only mafucker that i'd want to see go down coz you got a big mouth on you son. Ana Bonafide and whoever else is there, nemiwo, mhata dzenyu mavakutinyangadza.
Posted By Parafin. , Brisbane. Australia : Jun 10 2007 04:03 AM
Another approach
All this site proves is that 1. Zimbabweans can type 2. Zimbabweans can report one another 3. Zimbabweans can create heat but not fire For months now it's been interesting watching this list of comments grow longer and longer. Is there a point. If words had any effect then I pray Mugabe when he said "Go hang" was looking in the mirror. But words don't mean anything. Actions do. ZIMDAILY why don't you construct a directory of the homes where all these vile ZANU PF leaders stay so that we can direct our frustrations in writing at them. This empty list is going to do nothing. Also if you want to make something of children unfairly getting to foreign lands then look at the pattern of funding (externalisation of money). Otherwise this list is a waste of time. Here's a first H.E. R.G.Mugabe State House, cnr J. Tongogara Ave/7th Street Harare, ZIMBABWE.
Posted By Zim Freedom , Harare, Zimbabwe : Jun 10 2007 11:02 AM
nqobizitha and Nobukhosi Malinga
they live in the UK. They are son and daughter of senator Joshua Malinga.
Posted By mdidi , : Jun 11 2007 05:14 PM
I Love ZimDaily
lyke any other case there is always 2/mo sides.these zanu pple r swimming in warm water but very soon its gonna start boiling.the day will cum.
Posted By good citizen , birmingham uk : Jun 12 2007 12:21 AM
I Love ZimDaily
Iwe yamama di from Dubai , une pfungwa here kanamadhodhi mumusoro?, i,m serious ndeudze chokwadhi.
Posted By Msugu , Leeds UK : Jun 12 2007 03:02 AM
I Love ZimDaily
Posted By mandebele , London UK : Jun 12 2007 10:40 AM
Dumiso Dabengwa's stepdaughter Ijeoma Dabengwa is living in London after being in the States for years then travelling home on a fake passport, then being arrested on return to the States, where she then spent some time in prison. After completing her sentence she was to be deported back to Zim but some strings were pulled and she was deported to the UK coz she claimed that she would be killed if she went back to Zim. CAN U BELIEVE THAT !!!!! Also there is thenjiwe Lesabe's son Nqo also living in London, who is busy kuyiswa kushure nevarungu.
Posted By mandebele , London UK : Jun 12 2007 10:56 AM
margaret dongo kids & a cio in Leicester
ane vana vanogara mu Leicester vanoda mahure zvekuti vasingabve mumabhawa will find out their names for you and also a CIO called Simon Hadzisi
Posted By Dako , Leicester, UK : Jun 13 2007 10:45 AM
fubu mwana va For Us By Us now in canada
Posted By fubu , malaysia : Jun 13 2007 02:19 PM
true reflection of zimbabwe
all the comments on this board are a true illustration fo how dumb zimbos are......mese, and you think you are making sense? thats why mugabe has been fucking you in the ass for years. None of you are concerned about finding solutions to our problems instead your picking on these kids out of anamosity, just because their parents were smart enough to take advantage of yours, please....i bet you 9 out of ten of you people would be standing in the side line in zim wether or not the economy was fucked up...you all would still be nothing, wondering why you dont have a benz. so what if you work hard to support your parents...rich people dont work hard they work smart!!! PLEASE, you are all just mad because you wipe asses for a living and lie to yourselves that you would be better off in zimbabwe if Mugabe resigned. No you dellusional motherfuckers,.....wake the fuck up, use your brains, uplift yourselves, no one owes you anything. being fixated on issues that have nothing to do with anything does nothing for our country!
Posted By WAKE UP , HARARE ZIMBABWE : Jun 13 2007 06:02 PM
I am Mischeck Chinamasa's son,you know the former deputy finance minister and Patrick Chinamasa is my uncle.Murikutandanisa chamupupuri.
Posted By Sam Chinamasa , Kent,London,UK : Jun 13 2007 07:18 PM
Mr Sam Chinamasa
I am Mischeck Chinamasa's son,you know the former deputy finance minister and Patrick Chinamasa is my uncle.Murikutandanisa chamupupuri.
Posted By Sam Chinamasa , Kent,London,UK : Jun 13 2007 07:21 PM
African men abroad have been settling for second hand white whores
http://www.stephans.dk/ Bring useful and effective knowledge back to Africa; but leave the pale worn out sluts in the imperialists countries to their animals and the like! African women are best! http://www.stephans.dk/
Posted By African Women , Bulawayo : Jun 14 2007 12:34 AM
iv seen both of these bitches in the club lately, one of them seems to have a new boy frend who she's always buyin Barcardi n them epensive drinks. Apparentli the twinz real boy frend (Mandi) is stuck in Zim n cant come back so she's playin him out with this new guy! "How typical of this bitch" Jus as corrupt as her daddy! they park in the fron of clubs drivn thier landrovers n walk in like they own the clubs, this nigga they call BK drinks like a fish n dances the nyt away n at the end of the night they escape to the Gono masion in toorak to do wat animals do best! i hope yo man knows wat u doin here bitch coz im on to u! Next time we see u throwing cash in the club we gona smak u silly!
Posted By Zimdownunder , : Jun 14 2007 08:07 AM
Posted By GOODCITIZEN , BIRMINGHAM : Jun 14 2007 01:24 PM
Fuck Misheck
Iwe Misheck usatisembure pano. Vamwe vako vari kuHerald. Few people here care much about your father, who was once in Government. I don't remember him and I don't think many do either. Mbuya Rennie, newe Mutongigava munomuzivawo here mudhara uyu? Iyezvino ambove chiiko iye mudhara wako waunoda kuramba uchiti reminder nezvake kuti aive deputy Minister of Finance? Tinozivaka kuti mamwe madhara akabuda maMatibili umu ave kusweronwa ndhari achitamba shangara mumisha umu. Angove matakadyakare egaega. Neinflation yakati kuuya iyi, wotoshinga kushanda Misheck. We are not interested in ZANU PF by-gones at all. He is now no longer politically important and does not feature on the list of the people who matter; I think you want to delusionally bring limelight and importance to yourself on the coat tails of Patrick Chinamasa, whose real children, the majority of those on this forum would want to be dealt with. Your uncle is dying of AIDS anyway…..In this Fair Deal vana vaMargaret Dongo ngatisiyaneyi navo maComrades. I know, baba vacho maybe in the repressive regime, asi Marggie Dongo ndisahwira wedu muhondo. Ngatimbowonei kuti tinosvikepi naivava vane maparents ari palist, zvichibva nekuAustralia uko.
Posted By N. Mungofa , Slough UK : Jun 14 2007 07:36 PM
Gono's death news greatly exaggerated ZIMBABWE's hard-talking central bank governor, Gideon Gono, has been forced to prove he is still alive after illegal foreign currency dealers threw street parties following rumours that he had died. Black market dealers in Harare and Bulawayo blew their horns and tossed foreign currency bills into the air in celebration on Tuesday when rumours reached them that Gono had collapsed and died in his office, the official Herald daily reported yesterday. "I'm still in good health. I'm around until the day the Lord calls. So all dealers should be warned. I'm still around," Gono, who is tipped as a potential successor to President Robert Mugabe, told the newspaper. The controversial bank governor has long been at loggerheads with street dealers in foreign currency, who sell the scarce commodity at rates up to 400 times higher than those set by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The official rate for one US dollar is still quoted as Z$250 on radio and in state-run news- papers. But black marketeers were on Wednesday selling the greenback for more than Z$100000, according to one independent financial news service. Gono said the death rumours, fuelled by the fact that the former banker had recently lost a lot of weight, were just a sick joke. He has previously acknowledged that influential people inside Zimbabwe "want me dead". "They want to cause unnecessary concern in the family. They know that I have kids outside the country," said the governor. He is believed to have children living in Australia. Meanwhile, ruling party Zanu (PF) and opposition Movement for Democratic Change delegates involved in talks facilitated by President Thabo Mbeki aimed at resolving the Zimbabwean crisis will meet this weekend in Pretoria for their first direct negotiations . The negotiating teams will meet tomorrow and on Sunday to start the talks which failed to take place from June 2-3 after the Zanu (PF) team asked for more time to write its position paper. The proposals were submitted to Mbeki's team on Monday last week, official sources said. Mugabe was in Libya yesterday on a three-day state visit for talks with Muammar Gaddafi, the country's leader, who was recently asked by the outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair to intervene. Gaddafi has confirmed Blair's approach. Sources said Blair had proposed an exit package for Mugabe and a recovery strategy for the country. Sources said Blair also briefed Mbeki about his plan to include Gaddafi. Sapa-dpa, Dumisani Muleya
Posted By Who Cares , Harare : Jun 15 2007 10:28 AM
Gono rea
Gono's death news greatly exaggerated ZIMBABWE's hard-talking central bank governor, Gideon Gono, has been forced to prove he is still alive after illegal foreign currency dealers threw street parties following rumours that he had died. Black market dealers in Harare and Bulawayo blew their horns and tossed foreign currency bills into the air in celebration on Tuesday when rumours reached them that Gono had collapsed and died in his office, the official Herald daily reported yesterday. "I'm still in good health. I'm around until the day the Lord calls. So all dealers should be warned. I'm still around," Gono, who is tipped as a potential successor to President Robert Mugabe, told the newspaper. The controversial bank governor has long been at loggerheads with street dealers in foreign currency, who sell the scarce commodity at rates up to 400 times higher than those set by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The official rate for one US dollar is still quoted as Z$250 on radio and in state-run news- papers. But black marketeers were on Wednesday selling the greenback for more than Z$100000, according to one independent financial news service. Gono said the death rumours, fuelled by the fact that the former banker had recently lost a lot of weight, were just a sick joke. He has previously acknowledged that influential people inside Zimbabwe "want me dead". "They want to cause unnecessary concern in the family. They know that I have kids outside the country," said the governor. He is believed to have children living in Australia. Meanwhile, ruling party Zanu (PF) and opposition Movement for Democratic Change delegates involved in talks facilitated by President Thabo Mbeki aimed at resolving the Zimbabwean crisis will meet this weekend in Pretoria for their first direct negotiations . The negotiating teams will meet tomorrow and on Sunday to start the talks which failed to take place from June 2-3 after the Zanu (PF) team asked for more time to write its position paper. The proposals were submitted to Mbeki's team on Monday last week, official sources said. Mugabe was in Libya yesterday on a three-day state visit for talks with Muammar Gaddafi, the country's leader, who was recently asked by the outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair to intervene. Gaddafi has confirmed Blair's approach. Sources said Blair had proposed an exit package for Mugabe and a recovery strategy for the country. Sources said Blair also briefed Mbeki about his plan to include Gaddafi. Sapa-dpa, Dumisani Muleya
Posted By Whocares , Harare, Zimbabwe : Jun 15 2007 10:29 AM
Posted By TSUNGAI , LONDON,UK : Jun 18 2007 04:57 PM
Posted By Ian Smith , Gwelo Rhodesia : Jun 18 2007 07:00 PM
chiyangwaz children
http://www.myspace.com/mieshl http://www.myspace.com/crossfirehotty those are the profiles of michelle and vannessa chiyangwa they live in the uk
Posted By philip aka maximus , harare,zimbabwe : Jun 19 2007 06:27 PM
Wus Sup
Leave Takura Makoni, Ras I alone He is one of the most stand up guys you could ever meet.(sup up Rasi Sorry to hear bout your Bro). I know this for sure with the calibar of the people on this site we would never have won independence,thank god for these people ya'll are blasting ,and half of you wont even go back home even if there was a change.I am just wondering who is the real bad guy here you people are nothing but witch hunters,This is some really sorry shit.those people fought for us.why would you attack their children They are Zimbabwean just like you the real sellouts are all ya'll .most you lived in the cities so land meant shit to you the zimbo's you claim to love today are the same one you called povo yesterday remember. During the struggle there was a name for people like you how about we start that list Mutengesi.com Stavo (fully legal Bitches)
Posted By Veesten , USA : Jun 21 2007 04:24 PM
O.k veesten i get it now.They fought for us so that the could kill, maim us and silence us with violence? Kill us with hunger? while they frolick around with their children in our riches.You bloody idiot!! Who are the real bad guys now? The ones who kill or the ones that are getting killed? I think ukamboenda kuBorder Gezi unoita bho. Why arent you at home anyways?
Posted By Teacher , Kwachivi : Jun 25 2007 10:05 AM
To be quite honest, I think you guys waste a lot of time and energy blaming the poor kids. Who does not want the best for their children? Even ma homo, they will not even want to hear that thier child is gay. Leave this children alone and expand your energy on ousting the dictators. These kids do not vote. We should all be focusing our attention of freeing Zim not on trivials. Vari mu diasporra take this opportunity to go to school for your first , second or even ma doctrate chairo rather than wasting time muchitsvaga vana vema 'chef' who as we talk are busy with their school and they will go back to Zim better educated ande fachakutongai futi. So lets leave these children on their own and concentrate on other issues. This is primarily the reason why their host countries do not even talk about deporting them, cause they have done nothing wrong. Remember some of these children's parent spent ost of thier time working in thediaspora and have raised enough for the children's education. Ofcourse I do agree some are funded by the tax payers monies. But it is not their problem. the problem is their parents. Stupid!!!!
Posted By Dzimbahwe Shonga , Wokingham, UK : Jun 25 2007 07:13 PM
No wonder Zimbabwe is the way it is today. It is full of educated people who are jealous and envious. It is embarassing to read this forum from what has regarded as Africa's most illiterate country. What do you have to show for your fancy education in the diaspora working sh*t jobs when you should be in your country being masters of your own destiny. You are in the UK working like slaves because you could not be brave enough to fight for your freedom and you decide to pick on innovcent children that you asspociate with ZANUPF. You are all cowards!!! All this name-calling will not change the sad lives you are leading in the foreign countries. No bickering will improve the situation in Zimbabwe. The majority of people posting here are in the diaspora, who will vote for a better Zimbabwe. Where do the MDC leaders' kids get the money to live overseas. Yes Morgan Tsvangirais kids are probably sponsored by the West while other Zimbabweans are starving too. Wake up and smell the coffee Zimbos! You are all making fools of your selves preaching violence in a foreign land when you are not prepared to fight for what is rightfully yours. Travel sanctions should apply to MDC leaders as well because many of them are in the diaspora, why are they immune form criticism? Should they not be held responsible as the opposition party to taking the country forward instead of lobbying funds form the West for personal gain, using your names and your suffering as a basis for this. I fear that if you do not make MDC take responsibily for what they should be doing in Zimbabwe you will be doing the exact same thing 15 years from now (that is if those losers are lucky enough to secure an elactoral victory)only these angry words will be towards the MDC leaders. You should have stayed at home (instead of running away only to raise your tails in the diaspora)and learnt political lessons form the current leadership so that the next one does not make the same blunders. The biggest mistake that is made in African politics is not calling leaders to account, Zimbabweans must start now calling for the accountability form MDC otherwise history will repeat itself. It is hypocritical of you to point fingers at children who have parents with ZANUPF membership in the diaspora when you yourselves are guilty of the same sin. I would have been impressed if you and your MDC had called for all these sanctions against the government of Ian Smith at the dawn of Independence, but it goes to show, the more things change the more they stay the same. You think like slaves... and you can swear at me all you want I am living my life in my own country not running around like a headless chacken claiming to be educated when I can't even do something constructive to save my country like you lot.
Posted By Azania , Jozi, Mzantsi : Jun 26 2007 08:13 AM
USE YOU BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the pettiness of you so called Zimbabweans.Us children of these ministers are exactly that,CHILDREN.We did nothing to you and some of it comes out of pure jealousy.We can do and have anythin we want and that is a gift/blessing from God.You cannot prove that all members of Zanu PF are thugs OR idiots.YOU are the idiots.Idiots because you sit on your poor,broke asses looking for sympathy when you should be contributing to the success of this country.You can protest,go on strike,whatever.But do it in an educated manner.Because not one leader of the western world would respect how you are going about this.I know most of you are Christians so ACT LIKE IT!!! They will always be poor & rich people,stop complaining and work towards a better life.Fact is,we as innocent children of Zanu will still be filthy rich tomoro,the day after that and possibly for the rest of our lives so get over it and fight your Government that YOU VOTED FOR!!!!!!!! NOT US!
Posted By African baby , Bulawayo,Zim : Jun 26 2007 09:17 AM
What Rich Bouy is doing is proving how stupid you all are.Do you really think that insulting Rich Bouy will change anythin? For all you know he could be just as or even more broke than all of you..go ahead and try have the kids deported and if it does work we will just drive our mercedes benzs and the like past you while you sit in a crowed kombi.Is that what you want? Attack the Government not the children!! Grow up people or even better,GET BACK TO WORK!!!
Posted By African baby , Bulawayo,Zim : Jun 26 2007 09:40 AM
We are Zimbabweans,it doesnt matter what colour or party.Its not just down to the Government,why dont the people stand up?? Leave innocent kids alone otherwise get used to seeing them disrespect and make life harder for you because you punished them for something they didint do!!!!
Posted By African baby , Bulawayo,Zim : Jun 26 2007 09:48 AM
Deal with their evil parents
Don 't bother the minister's kids. Deal directly with their kids. Looks like you guys are fighting a war you'll never win. You claim to know these kids and most of you have wrong names. It's Gracious Chihuri a former Harare poly library and information science student. How on earth can Kasukuwere have a teenager kid when he was born in 1975. Mazvionaka kuti munonyeba. Siyanai nevana vevaridzi. Munhu ari kukanganisa munomuziva imi haikona kupomedzera vana vasina mhaka. Dai murimi maingoitao sezvari kuita.
Posted By Tambai Nhamo mega , Baltimore, Maryland, USA : Jun 26 2007 07:51 PM
While you're at it . . .
Why don't you all just sanction and deport all the people who voted for ZANUPF in 1980. Now there's a good idea that is equivalent to your "brilliant" idea of punishing ZANUPF official's kids. Take responsibility for your actions and pick on somebody your size!
Posted By Azania , Jozi, Mzantsi : Jun 27 2007 08:46 AM
Injustice not jealousy
why should these kids be left alone in luxury when (1)our children are in Border Gezi camps as we speak with no food being taught how to rape and kill (2)our babies die in incubators because there is no electricity (3) our children are dying of malnutrition (4)our children are not going to school anymore. (5) our childre are still living kumbudzi after operation murambatsvina under with no running water dying of cholera? If they are messing with our LIVES why are their children sacred when our children mean nothing to them.Someone give me a reason why we should not use the fair deal campaign against them.To show them that they can be held responsible for the actions.Zimbabweans are very docile-Tsitsi dzinotsikirira.If we are all zimbabweans why are they getting richer and the ordinary person getting poorer.Is it their God given right as they say?
Posted By , : Jun 28 2007 06:25 AM
Posted By dave , chappelle : Jun 28 2007 03:51 PM
Posted By GOODCITIZEN , BIRMINGHAM : Jun 29 2007 01:14 AM
Give us a Break!!
hey this all rubbish!!!all those kids learning out of Zimbabwe have done nothin wrong varikutozvidzdzira!they are bettering their lives and are coming home with degrees and making their parents proud!I think we should all juss do the same!...dont use your personal problems with them in Politics its not right ende futi isu navo ndisu tichakutongai in the futur as Zanu pf and you will still be calling names muchinyara!Kutaura Zvinyadzi on somthing public just proves kuti muri babaric and honestly shows no qualities for futur Leadership.Regai Vana vadzidze kana makangwara dzdzaiwo pane kuita twimapersnal tusina basa kana iri X5 yakubhowa work had and get your own!If you come from a home inoti kana vepanextdoor vabudirira moita Godo shame for you!Vana vemaofficials ignore this rubbish! Pamberi neZanu PF!!
Posted By Taku Mujeni , : Jun 29 2007 03:49 AM
Esther Mazawi's Comments about Takura Makoni
Ana Esther Mazawi you really should do your research before you blurt out your ignorance. Yes I am Simba Makoni's son (and proud of it)-however I was born in Leeds, United Kingdom an odd 30 years ago- during the liberation struggle when my father was exiled by Ian Smiths Regime -you twit; I am a citizen of the UK, a Great Britain and Northern Ireland Passport Holder- so please give it a rest, I have as much right to be anywhere in the UK as any other EU citizen which is a lot more than I can say for some people varikungo shama panapa. Please stop putting my name on these fruitless websites. I came to the UK on my own steam, as is my right as a citizen, i have to apply for a visa on entry every time I go to Zimbabwe you ignorant idiot, i am so ashamed kuti some of you munongotinyadzisa ne kusaziva kwenyu. Why don't you do something constructive for Zimbabwe instead of going on aimlessly - afterall muno muBelfast macho Zimbabwean women munongotinyadzisa, I will find you and confront you because I am a man of honour; you however hawuna kana honour yacho because if you know me and felt I was a 'nice man' as you say why couldn't you bring your grievance to me and hear my side of the story. Good luck trying to deport a British citizen from one of the British Isles, wakapusa stereki!
Posted By Takura Makoni , Belfast, Northern Ireland : Jun 29 2007 11:30 AM
makoni unopenga
Iwe makoni Taurira baba vako simba kuti wakarasika mufana. Mwese vanhu veZANU pasi nemwi. baba vako Simba idhodhi chairo. hapana zvamuri kuita. Rega Esther ataure. Vana baba venyu na Mugabe vari kutuka vanhu vari kukudzidzisai kunyika idzo dzamuri kudzidza. handizvioni ini.kushaya sense ikoko. Mwana waMugabe akabatwa kuengland achifunda asi mugabe achiti hatina ukama.chiiko zanu pf
Posted By james masu , London,England : Jun 29 2007 01:09 PM
James Masu - another ignoramus reveals himself!
AnaJames Masu, munotirakidzirei kusafunga kwenyu? Please show me the statement Simba Makoni made achituka "vanhu vari kukudzidzisai kunyika idzo dzamuri kudzidza." Also wakauudzwa nani kuti ndiri student you idiot?! I live and work in the UK as is MY RIGHT as a British subject you twit! Wakaita reading necomprehension kuchikoro here iwewe? Kana kuti you like acting educated for the benefit of other equally clueless posetrs on this misinformed thread. I cannot speak on behalf of vanha vaMugabe or anyone else for that mattter as I do not know them, my friend the fact that I am Makoni's son does not make me a child, I am a grown man with his own life outside of any Zanu or MDC fictional or real socio-political boundaries. You, however have revealed yourself to be a FOLLOWER and not a leader. Many of you on here will never live to be half the man Simba Makoni is, you can insult him and me as much as you want kana kutukirira Mbuya vangu chaivo - what benefit will it bring you other than to please your own shallow mind? I will be living in the UK as long as I want to and I am free to move anywhere in the UK because I am a UK citizen whether uchida kana haudi- learn to live with it. Why don't YOU go back to Zimbabwe and change things since you are so passionate? Or did you lie and say you came to the UK because you were threatened by Simba Makoni? Uribhenzi risinga tombo bhatsire. I feel sorry for people like you because duze hauna malegal papers ekuve uri muno - you are living from hand to mouth most likely life yawakatiza kuZimbabwe was much better than the life you live now but because you believed all the stories you were told by your lying friends waakuita tumabasa tusingaite kuno. Not Zanu or MDC or Mugabe or Makoni's fault- James Masu's fault cos he is an idiot who can't understand a simple paragraph in english, then otizira kuEngland kwacho, mashura!
Posted By Takura Makoni Wacho Ndini 0 Saka Uchazviita Sei?? , Northern Ireland : Jun 29 2007 02:10 PM
Posted By fubu , kazakhstan : Jul 2 2007 06:01 PM
Vava vemaZANU tibvirei apa
Imi maZANUlet, zvamuri kuita kutukirira vanhu pano hazviitwi izvi. You know very well kuti nyika kumusha yaondongwa nekuda kwemadzibaba enyu naMatibili asi muri kutoona vanhu vese tine hama dzedu dzinopondwa, nokubhinywa setiri kupenga. Mwari wamunoona uyu ndewevanhu vese. Ropa nemisodzi yavanhu vese ivavo, munoti nderembudzi nhayi. OK. Plus murikufunga kuti ndimi mega muri ku stada, kana kuita ma citizen kuno, hakuzi kweZANU ka kuno. Takawanda tiri kuita maMasters, MaPHD iwayo, genuine asiri emari yeropa. Saka munofunga kuti ndiyani achabvuma kuti mwana wemuZANU aenderere mberi nekuuraya nyika, achipuhwa chance yokuviga zvirikubiwa, namadzibaba enyu. Rimwe zuva, pachichadhuuka chichibva nokumusha muchazozvifunga mawona aya madzibaba enyu pavanenge aave. Uye chero iyoyi Fair Deal ikakupotsai, zvinongoenderana nokuti New Government iripo inenge ichiwirirana sei nekwese ikoko kwamakahwanda. Hapana citizenship yamu 'alien' isiri irrevocable. Pamwe makambonzwa tsumo dzinoti amai vatsva kumusana mwana atsva dumbu, neinoti zvaiwana ngwarati kudya ivete. Heya. Those who live in glass houses don't throw stones, Dai ndaive ini, zvimwe ndainyarara.
Posted By N. Mungofa , Slough UK : Jul 2 2007 10:42 PM
I Love ZimDaily
MMarufu ndinoriziva. rinonzi winston Marufu
Posted By , : Jul 2 2007 11:42 PM
I Love ZimDaily
I am a zimbabwean who did studies in america. I did all my three degrees here. My question is what are you ZANU ministers doing here when your fathers are starving people at home.
Posted By , : Jul 2 2007 11:49 PM
God hears the wails of the oppressed people, lets not lose hope
Son of Chad president found dead in France Son of Chadian President, Idriss Déby Itno's son, Brahim, touted as a possible successor, was found dead on Monday morning in the underground parking lot of a building he lived in near Paris, Déby Itno's son, Brahim, touted as a possible successor, was found dead on Monday morning in the underground parking lot of a building he lived in near Paris, police and court officials said. Brahim Déby was seen as his father's choice of successor but was widely disliked, even by some of his own family, who viewed him as unfit to govern, causing a split within the ruling clan. The president sacked Brahim as his adviser in June 2006 after the then 27-year-old was arrested in a Paris discotheque for possessing an illegal firearm and drugs. He was given a six-month suspended sentence by a French court. Investigators at the scene in Courbevoie, west of Paris, found a wound on his head but have not yet determined the cause of death, a spokesperson for the public prosecutor's office in the western suburb of Nanterre said. "The body was found by the caretaker of his residence at about 7am [local time] in the area between the stairs and the underground parking lot. The time of death is unknown," the spokesperson said. An autopsy is due to be carried out by Tuesday. A coalition of rebel forces have been fighting a hit-and-run guerrilla war against Déby's forces in eastern Chad, saying he was fraudulently elected and demanding the holding of free democratic elections to end his clan-based rule. Makaila Nguebla, a Dakar-based spokesperson for the rebel Union of Forces for Democracy and Development (UFDD), said Brahim Déby had been a key source of resentment, who drove members of the president's administration to turn against him. "He is at the root of all the frustration. He used to slap government ministers, senior Chadian officials were humiliated by Déby's son," Nguebla told Reuters. "They had to leave the regime, go into the bush. They chose the military option instead of being humiliated inside Chad." Nguebla said he believed Brahim's death would be a serious blow to his father's morale, particularly after one of his close nephews, the chief of Chad's armed forces, was killed in a clash with rebels last year. "He was seen as a replacement for his father because [Idriss] Déby was often ill. If Déby had to be replaced it could only be him ... the morale of the family is completely destabilised," Nguebla said. -- Reuters, article from M&G.
Posted By N. Mungofa , Slough UK : Jul 3 2007 12:15 AM
This is the greatest form of UNITY
When Armstrong landed on the moon he took "one small step - but a GIANT leap for mankind". These discussions, forums etc may seem small and insignificant. But what inspires a nation to come up with these lists?? what makes it seem like duty?? what powers these discussons?? He is foolish he who says this is unnecessary, that it doesnt help, for he CHOOSES to turn his eyes from reality. The people are just tired of this regime, of economic meltdown. They understand one another's troubles. Something has to be done, and this is part of that something, small steps but GIANT leaps for Zimbabwe, Aluta Continua maZimbabwe. God hears the cries of his people.
Posted By Paul Matavire JNR , Bulawayo, Zimbabwe : Jul 3 2007 09:06 AM
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Posted By leather and lace , dont you wanna know : Jul 5 2007 02:30 PM
US has patent for the devlopment of AIDS and a PATENT for the cure
wow if you google Boyd Graves, this man is a enlightend, Aids HIV is a SYNTHETIC RACE specific DISEASE DEVELOPED BY AMERICA IN THE 1960- LATE 1970`s. According to DR. Boyd Gray he has uncovered a document (flow chart) that was used in the devlopment precurement and distribution of AID, thousands of gallons, on record were sent to africa attached to the polio vaccine, as an aim to depopulise 3rd world countries. He has has taken it to court now to the supreme court at that. if you dont believe me type u.s. patent # 5676977
Posted By charles gordon , aussie : Jul 7 2007 08:33 AM
its tru
dr. graves has taken the cure, a oxygen4 silver4 concoction, google that patent number and under google video, common zimbabwe if you dont believ it , we at least show your support for this guy he is a hero for what he has done lets join hands an get behind him
Posted By charles gordon , assie : Jul 7 2007 08:45 AM
America developed it
they developed the virus, then sent it to africa wow, this is digusting
Posted By makomva chiga , lisbon : Jul 7 2007 09:04 AM
AFRICAN BABY-BYO...vaudze ava zvako iwe
Posted By bonafide , city of mazinjere : Jul 7 2007 01:09 PM
Last Word
A hit squad is being organised to harm the people you have mentioned.Mwana wenyoka inyoka.They must go back to Zimbabwe where their parents have messed up.By hurting these people an unforgettable message will be transmitted to those who hurt others in Zimbabwe.This is the sort of justice a frustrated people can resort to and yes we are frustrated. One must not think the proceeds of corruption are being dug down into the earth by this mafia.You will be irresponsible to think like that.These kids are the heirs to this ill gotten wealth.That is why it makes sense to cut the branches if you cant uproot the tree.This is war !
Posted By Elwin Tawanda Simba Gondo , Zimbabwe : Jul 8 2007 09:44 AM
Harrass them
Elwin Gondo is a central intelligence operative.Ashwet Masango too.Madhosi is also an operative.
Posted By Harrass , Sims : Jul 8 2007 09:52 AM
Mdidiyenu lonke, Nyararai mese MHATA dzenyu
Posted By Mzeti, Ngenkani , Bulawayo, Zimababwe : Jul 10 2007 02:42 PM
its their time much as it was hitler's,idi amini e.t.c. but the truth is MUCHAENDA CHETE.HA HA HA. DOWNPRESSER MAN WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO RUN TO WHEN THAT DAY COMES??? bunch of stiffnecked fools,who think they are cool to deny us SIMPLICITY
Posted By BRETHREN , EVERYWHERE>>... : Jul 13 2007 07:01 AM
Robert to join the money
Shortly, Robert will no longer appear in public. Will he hand over power? No, he and his hangers-on will merely abandon the country and flee. To join the millions they have spirited away into the "imperialists'" banks. So keep your eyes peeled and don't let them get away! Then take back control and recall those who left and burdened countries who really, really don't want the them!
Posted By Xenophobic , South Africa : Jul 13 2007 11:43 PM
The Roman Catholic HOMOSEXUAL Archdiocese of CHILD SODOMY of Los Angeles, USA will settle its clergy abuse cases for at least US$600 million, the largest payout to date in the church's sexual abuse scandal, The Associated Press learned Saturday. Attorneys for the archdiocese and alleged victims are expected to announce the deal Monday, the day the first of more than 500 clergy abuse cases was scheduled for jury selection, according to two people with knowledge of the agreement. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because the settlement had not been made public. The archdiocese and its insurers will pay between $600 million and $650 million to about 500 plaintiffs — AN AVERAGE OF $1.2 TO $1.3 MILLION PER PERSON. The settlement also calls for the release of confidential priest personnel files after review by a judge assigned to oversee the litigation, the sources said. So-called 'third world countries' should not allow only the church sodomy victims of 'first world countries' to be compensated. We are sure that the sodomy in 'third world countries' like ZIMBABWE was more widespread; because of the lesser oversight of those christian churches of child sodomy ......... http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/07/14/national/main3058195.shtml
Posted By Tangidza , Gweru : Jul 14 2007 09:47 PM
To Be Deported
BY CAIPHAS CHIMHETE THE United States government will this year deport all children of senior government and Zanu PF officials once legislation designed for this specific purpose is signed by President George W Bush, the outgoing US ambassador told The Standard in an exclusive interview last week. Ambassador Christopher Dell said the processing of the deportations was already at an "advanced stage". Dell, who recently foretold the imminent collapse of President Robert Mugabe's regime due to the economic crisis, said the deportations were likely to take place before the end of the year. "This (it will happen) year. Watch out in the next few weeks," he said. It is estimated that more than 300 children of government and Zanu PF officials are enjoying "First World" health services and education abroad. In contrast, their counterparts, mostly children of poor, often unemployed and marginalised Zimbabweans, are dying in hospitals because of an acute shortage of drugs. Others, fortunate enough to be in school, attend classes in tobacco barns or under trees. Dell, the feisty diplomat threatened with expulsion from Zimbabwe by Mugabe himself, leaves the country today after the end of his tour of duty. He is expected to take up another posting in Afghanistan this month. Dell said the decision to deport children of ruling party's bigwigs now awaited Bush's Presidential proclamation. "It's a decision the President has to make. It requires the Presidential power of a proclamation," Dell said. The envoy, in his three years as the US ambassador, has provoked Mugabe into openly warning him of dire consequences for his blunt criticism of the government's intolerance of dissent. Dell could not say whether or not the Bush administration had already identified the children, but sources said they already had the names, residential addresses and universities the children attend. "What is left is for Bush to give the go-ahead by signing the law and they will pounce on them," said the source. "The authorities (Zanu PF officials) know it and they are panicking." The confirmation of the looming deportations come at a time when "Fair Deal", a campaign by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to identify and help facilitate the expulsion of the chef's children, is said to be gathering momentum. The campaign - an initiative launched by Zimbabweans in the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe - is designed to boost the "smart sanctions" imposed on Mugabe and his colleagues. In a report earlier this year, the International Crisis Group (ICG) recommended that in order to put pressure on Mugabe to solve the Zimbabwe crisis, the European Union and the USA could apply travel sanctions on the family members and business associates on the travel list. It also recommended that the EU and the USA could cancel visas and residence permits of family members of senior government officials. Meanwhile, the Combined Harare Residents' Association (Chra) last week asked the European Union (EU) to place commissioners running the affairs of Harare on the travel ban list alongside Zanu PF officials. Acting CHRA chairperson, Israel Mabhoo, said the commissioners should "be punished for their involvement with a rogue regime that thrives on subverting the people's constitutional rights". Mabhoo said the letter would also be delivered to the ambassadors of the USA, Australia and New Zealand in Harare, urging them to
Posted By Rwodzi , Harare, Zimbabwe : Jul 15 2007 11:01 AM
Lets hope all other EU Countries will follow Suit
God hears the cries of the oppressed. This is good news after months of campaigning this effort it is starting to bear fruits. Yes vese ngavadzoke kumba including thier dogs. Mugabe and cronies are killing the education and health system systematically and improvishing the nation while they send their little devils to far away lands to live in luxury at the expense of the poor people of Zimbabwe. Yes it had to be done and its should have been done yesterday. Some of the little devils have been boosting that nothing will be done to them warped reasoning. They thought they were gods and goddesses and would be untouchable. Maybe in the land of Mugabe where your fathers and mothers use the rule and law of the jungle to persecute Zimbabweans and deny our children the right to decent education, health jobs and basic needs of survival. Ngavadzoke vese kumumsha handiti their Godfather is threatening to nationalise all companies they can get those businesses and run them according to their Godfather's business doctrines. Good on you USA. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK we expect you to start putting in place similar measures so that the little devils will not go underground and escape the net.
Posted By Gushungo , Harare : Jul 16 2007 04:47 AM
Son of the soil
Cry the beloved country Zimbabwe.This is our mother land lets bring better ideas to rebuilt what we are left of.We are are the future.That is all l can say.
Posted By Hupenyu Chinoda , Vancouver Canada : Jul 16 2007 08:21 PM
Waste of time
Why not start a campaign to get England to meet the obligations they agreed to at Lancaster House and fund land reform? That sounds like somewhere to direct your energies. It seems to me that is the real reason you're all in the diaspora because of the chaos that resulted from land reform without funding. After you get the children deported and this brings down the government, what do you plan to do? Are you planning to return the farms to the white farmers or do you plan to addres the needs of peasants also. You are pawns in a political game -- the UK and US govt couldn't care less about democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe. Aborigines, the original inhabitants of Australia are 2nd class citizens over there, but Australia is concerned about Zimbabwean human rights! Give me a break. Spend your energy on campaigns that have long term benefit to your country instead of acting like crabs in a barrel.
Posted By International observer , New York : Jul 18 2007 06:38 AM
International observer
Direct your energies elsewhere.The US is killing innocent civilians in iraq and Afghanistan.Black Americans, Mexicans and Indians are 2nd rate citizens.Clearly the US doesnt even care about democracy and the basic human rights.Why dont you start campaigns for your foreign policies and the domestic ones while youre at it?
Posted By , : Jul 18 2007 09:46 AM
We are thinking about short term issues because that is what the environment we are living in allows us to do.Issues such as food on the table,spiralling inflation,the price of fuel, the availability of water and electricity + the removal of the Mugabe regime.That is all the energy we have left.Why dont you campaign for your country to stop the sanctions that are killing us ordinary Zimbabweans?
Posted By Sugar Kuwawa , ZIMBABWE : Jul 18 2007 09:53 AM
these children should be deportred,why shud ZANU have double standards,they have printed money to build 10universities in Zimbabwe but then they send their childern overseas,what for?they say that the country dsnt have enuf forex but these childern have their fees paid,does it mean that their fees at these overseas colleges is paid inZW$since ZW dsnt have forex in its coffers...come on guys these kids are lavishing on our taxes,they shud come back home,i thot we now have the land,so what are they doing on other people's land?Let the strugle continue,the kids shud come back home REMEMBER:YOUR LAND IS YOUR ECONOMY!Come back to yo land u ZANULETS(YOUNG ONE OF A ZANU OFFICIAL).DEPORT THEM ALL.Some of them have changed names&even have Malawian passports.
Posted By chipo banda , byo,zimbabwe : Jul 18 2007 11:06 AM
Stop whining
1. is whining going to get you employment... NO 2. is getting Zanu or any other person at that deported going to get you employment... NO 3. is Zimbabwe's economy going to turn around as you run away to SA/Bots/US/UK/Canada/Aussie and contribute to Zim's brain drain ... NO 4. is being a pessimist and having no hope in Zim going to improve the Zim situation ... NO 5. is being an angry, non-productive "Zimbabwean" going to help the true Zimbabweans suffering right now... NO 6. is gossiping going to improve the situation ... NO 7. is spreading lies that you know are untrue, naming individuals who may not be benefiting from the current mismanagement going to help anyone ... NO 8. Before taking the speck out of your neighbor's eye, take the log out of your own. It is hypocrisy to think that deporting all Zanu links that somehow the Zim situation will miraculously change overnight... it will NOT. They will just go home, and migrate to S. Africa.. and guess what, you'll be back on ZimDaily, complaining and NOT contributing to any positive change. Stop whining Get a degree ... Public Health/Medicine/Law/Engineering/Finance Get a job Start an NGO Contribute to Zim's economy Start a small business in Zim Employ Zimbabweans Pay them well so they too can educate, feed, clothe, and house their families... But do not whine. BE PRODUCTIVE
Posted By Former NUST Student , Harare, ZW : Jul 18 2007 05:16 PM
Former Nust Student
Who aid that the economy would be better, jobs created, hunger and starvation and poverty was going to end by the departation of the little devils What we are r3fusing is the ZANU MAFIA to thnk kuti vana vavo are more specaial and a protected species at the expense rest of the jobless Zimbabweand facing the roth of their godfather Matibili and his Mafia cabinet. What degree are you talking about. Are you aware that academics are carrying lunch boxes of parridge to work becuase of the pathetic pittance the rogue regime is paying them. If the education system is so good why are they sending their children in thier thousands into imperialist countries with paying for their fees with the scarce foreign currency. You are mad and your contribution shallow. Either you are an offspring the the MAFIA that has bled the economy dry or you have benefitted from the sick status quo big time. Uribenzi some of us will continue to lobby kuti mese including you mudzoke kumusha. Imbwa yemunhu. Look at all the suffering around you. You do not have a heart even as small as that one of an ant. You are evil to the core including all the little devils with no sense of shame. Shit dzevanhu. Dzokeswai mese kumusha. Dogs
Posted By Gushungo , Harare Zim : Jul 19 2007 10:53 AM
Posted By GOODCITIZEN , BIRMINGHAM : Jul 19 2007 03:19 PM
Posted By Gushungo , Harare Zim : Jul 19 2007 10:53 AM
USE YOU HEAD...usatsikirire pfungwa... you only need to use Common sense. iinit.. cant u think ..huh? look the situation bk home is just a mess .. and wat more if all these OFFICIALS'S kids vavakuzimbabwe ... think of what they will need... remember .. the will need Security,Still if u r worried bout the money ...hahaha its gonna be worse u asshol,for education wise .. ahh there r still those very EXPENSIVE PRIVATE COLLEGES .. they will all go therr and to make everything worse ... some of the kids r not tht bright at school but still they will go to them xpensive colleges right .. yer their parents will USE $$money to get them to those very very very expensive COLLEGES,UNI AND ALL..so eish tyt yall hataz i gt no comments for yall ...
Posted By its me @ XFRD UNI , OXFORDSHIRE : Jul 19 2007 04:17 PM
its me @ XFRD UNI
Ngava dzoke kumba chete!!!Whether or not they are in private schools back in zim its not the issue.The fact is they are back home, kusina magetsi,chikafu kana mvura chaiyo.They should experience what the ordinary man in the street is experiencing.Vana baba vavo dont see any problem with that so they should also live with it.Iwe @ XFRD UNI tuma theory twako twekuti tirimahater really shows how shallow minded and immature you are.The situation at home is distressing and ZANU does not care about the people.Its only fitting that their children join their arrogant,selfish,corrupt,adulterous fathers.If you have no constructive comments to make then refrain from posting idiotic comments
Posted By , ZIMBABWE : Jul 20 2007 08:46 AM
A reminder
This column is intended for those who can positively identify zanu kids name them and shame them so that maybe one day the can be send back to ExZimbabwe kusina magetsi mvura fuel rule of law etc not for stupid stories or imaginations so please more names.....
Posted By Jende_Kufa , Slough, Mbare : Jul 20 2007 12:02 PM
Irew ndiwe wakiata kusiya phungwa mutoilte and your head is full of shit. No one is jealous of these kids. The logic is simple. No luxuries for the little devils when our kids are are jobless no education health, food and live in abject poverty becuase of the policies of their parents who have bled the country.Imbwanana ngadizdzoke dzose kumusha to cont to luve in luxury with their ill gotten wealth from Zimbabwe. Whether their parennts hve got money to enroll them even to attend sch in heaven we do not give a fuck. Yes they will be deported and I hope those who sympathise with them can also go back to Zim with them and be their bodyguards. Even the bible is clear the sins of the fathers shall be visited upto the third generation. Unoswera unchinyorra madhodhi in sympathy of a offspring of a rogue regime that had brought nothing but sufffering for the majority of Zimbabweans. Infct you are one of them. Morron. Lucifer's offspring who is just as heartless s the MAFIA and GESTAPO killing poor Zimbabweans. Idiot
Posted By Gushungo , Harare Zim : Jul 21 2007 02:06 PM
hamuti pedze mabharanzi
ha ha ha wishful thinking mabharanzi. Tumirai anamai venyu hupfu makanyarara.
Posted By ishe hove , michigan hoyeeee : Jul 23 2007 01:01 AM
Posted By take take_charo_one_zero , Washington DC : Jul 23 2007 01:14 AM
zanu pf yaora
please keepon exposing these thugs with children outside zim. vanhu rudzii vanotiza kumba kuenda kunopotera kune dzimwe nyika yet their fathers claim that zim is independent mastupeti evanhu zvimbasungata
Posted By gallant (GDGG) , nyanga zimbabwe : Jul 23 2007 08:36 AM
gallant (GDGG)
ndiwe waora. ko baba vako vakaita zvipi?tino kuexpoza iwewe hauna mapepa.urikupi nyanga?kunyepa idot com ino tinokuziva kwauri.shut the f up
Posted By , pasadena : Jul 23 2007 04:09 PM
Mwana wa Kembo Muhadi
she is here and her name is Abigail Muhadi and lives in the Gold Coarst.Add and fone number to be provided soon.Home affairs minister
Posted By irvine ndou , : Jul 23 2007 04:17 PM
irvine ndou
ko fon number yako wongoda kutaura dzevamwe uri off here ku factory kwaurikushanda? struggling bastard
Posted By irvine wembwa , sidney : Jul 23 2007 05:54 PM
Iwe wasvotwa nei?
Aiwa ka! tati toda mazita evana vemaminister. As far as we are concerned irvine ndou is not.Iwe wasvotwa nei asi ndiwe Abigal Muhadi wacho kanhi? Dai waudza baba vako vaite basa ravo haikona kuswero tinyangadza necorruption dzavo.Vanhu varikugara musewage kumba uko,hakusisina chikafu, mvura zvayo kana magetsi.Tirikuda kuti udzoke kwavari,waguta nekudya mari dzenyika. Ndirikuda kukuzivisa ku Zvichapera chete zvekuonererwa izvozvo mwana asina hunhu.Tibvire apo!
Posted By Gandaga , : Jul 24 2007 04:00 AM
andaga rembwa. he he vana vemaminister. tengaka mvura nemagetsi acho. kusafunda kunonetsa. Chi chaucha hwina nazvo bharanzi.
Posted By pasina Gandaga , : Jul 24 2007 07:06 AM
Fadzai Matongo
She is Martin Matongo' daughter who is the chief protocol in the Presidents' office. She got a presidential scholarship last year through the back door system. Can u believe it? Currently studying in south Africa (Forte Hare). she should be brought back to Mutare teachers' college.
Posted By Kinwala Matongo , Nairobi Kenya : Jul 25 2007 02:37 PM
Kinwala Matongo
Kinwala Matongo you are a fucking muppet. you should be ashamed of yourself. get your own scholarship piece of shit.
Posted By fuck you Kinwala Matongo , : Jul 25 2007 05:41 PM
imi vana vepfambi imi shut up
You fight kudzokera kunge death sentence sei. Endai munorohwawo paUZ nekudzingwa muresi sezvakaitwa vana vevevamwe kuzim. Your fathers pretend all is well and thats vachitumira magreen bomber kuti arove vana vepaUZ because imi tumbwa twavo muri over seas. they go on to say rubbish about the west and how they dont need them - so you tell me what all that means if not double standards. Dzokerai - kudzokera kwenyu kuchaita kuti vana vepaUZ vawanezororo rekurohwa nemagreen bomber because they wouldnt want one other own to be hurt handiti. Kana masvika mozotaura nevabereki venyu kuti vachinje maitiro avo. And we are doing you a favour anyway - half the cabinet is HIV positive - your fathers mahure mahombe ndosaka vatsvuka miromo, munangagwa,Midzi,Mujuru,Kasukuwere,Kangai, Shamuyarira, Mudenge to name but a few ndingaswere. So go home and spent time nemaparents enyu asati afa especially mnangagwa namudenge anytime vanenge vafa coz vakadzi vacho vakato baya kudhara. Muzvibate munofa sanababa venyu neaids.
Posted By Ini Pano , Birmingham, UK : Jul 25 2007 07:33 PM
JUST A FEW FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few facts! 1) MR DELL (Former U.S Ambassador to Zimbabwe) In an intrerview last week made public the RECENTLY IMPLIMENTED policy by Washington to repatriate all children of "Zanu P.F tyrants". In the interview Mr DEll made it clear that the C.I.A has names, addresses, Universities and residential addresses of atleast 300 of these kids who are living in the U.S.A. He also went to say that all these kids will be deported as soon as President Bush give a nodeto this policy within the next few weeks. Mr Dell stated that ALL these kids living in the U.S.A will be derported with no exceptions. "All these young people who are at American Universities and or are citizens of our great country will be immidiatkey with no excuses effectively sent back home(Zimbabwe). This means that all the kids who are in thge middle of their studies will be expelled and their degrees made void, They will then be emmediatly deported back to sweet democratic Zimbabwe. THis policy will be implimented and initiated within "the following few weeks" Mr Dell ensured. Hmmm? So To you our masters children good luck. Hope they won't catch you because who sure hell don't want you back here! try Ausy or maybe some EU state (But then again all those countries have made it clear that they will impliment similar policies soon)...BUT WAIT! I have an idea how about China the'll want you there I'm sure. Think of all the beautiful walks on the great wall of China U'll have. In other words half of the world DOESNT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! The other thing is soon enough (within the next five years, dont worry you'll be alive)Your Momie and Dadies will be in prisons and graveyards all over the world. YOUR FAMILIES WILL BE RACKED!!!!!!!!!! and YOU my little darlings will be pesecuted untill you probably die too or go crazy. HEY YOU DON'T NEED THE DEGREES YOU ARE WORKING SO HARD TO GET!!!!! cause who wants you? we don't! and they dont either, nobody does. everyone who us smiling at you just want your money. you should here what they tell us about you when you are not around. So insteadof being stuck up and rude Jack UP and start making a run for it. WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. Ooops that was the siren! gotta go back to work. I have to pay my tax! I wouldn't want you starve I care (jokes) (I'm into dimond mining in Marange, but I think I should turn to Diesiel in Chinhoyi what do you think?)
Posted By CDE DeBomber , Democratic Repuloc Of Zimbo : Jul 25 2007 08:16 PM
Read This Story it's a REALITY CHECK! ----------------------------------------You need GOD
Here YOU are talking trash to us, what's wrong with you? BE realistic Just as they imposed sunctions on your parents they wil do the same to you too. Can't you see? Anyway do you know what that means? YOU ARE RUINED! and you have no country to call home! As soon as your parents die, hide, get arrested, or disapear all their remaining assets will be frozen and you will be in trouble. In the mean time yes you feel on top of the world, but FOR HOW MUCH LONGER?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't want to waste your time dising you but I'm just stating simple facts. VEry soon your families will be racked and destroyed. The simple fact is people won't forgive you or your parents and the train has already started derailing. Your parents are stabing each other. Your parents are being killed by their fellow dectators (It could be your Daddy next, who knows)After they finish killing each other angry Zimbaweans will come in and finish of the reamainder and maybe some of you. Just Look at how you've made everyone angry do you seriously think the'll forgive you? All you must do now is pray to God! Anyway I have to go back to work now or else I'll starve to death. (Hey thi is so much better than being colonised you know why do'n you give it a try?)
Posted By OBSERVER , Next To the state house : Jul 25 2007 08:41 PM
He inyayaka
i do not see any problems with these kids at all. To be honest this kids are innocent and they shouldnt be punished for there parent's issues. Seems we taking the issue too far
Posted By Ndichavengwa , : Jul 25 2007 09:53 PM
I visited my brother in Australia last week and he is screwing pride Gono,i could hear her make noise when she getting fucked little did she know people in zim are making noise coz of hunger
Posted By SIMBA , chelsea london UK : Jul 26 2007 10:10 AM
kana usina problem navo ibva pano.Ndichavengwa Tatokuvenga so! hauna nyaya.Tuvana itwu hatuna kana problem nezviri kuita vana baba vavo.Tirikuto fara kuti varikutopamba nyika kuti tudye mari dzacho.
Posted By Ndatokuvenga , : Jul 27 2007 10:09 AM
Fadzai Matongo daughter of Martin Matongo' who is the chief protocol in the Presidents' office is not the only person who has benefitted from the presidential scholarship through the back door. They is another Pretty Mushunje who is related to Chris Mushohwe the Director of the presidential scholarship. She completed a degree in business management in 2005 and was awarded the scholarship again to pursue a post diploma in accounting in 2006 in East London Campus. Fortunatley enough she failed last year and she is repeating the course using our tax monies, but it seems luck is with us as she has failed again and will be repeating the same course again next year.
Posted By , : Jul 27 2007 02:20 PM
I Love ZimDaily
imari yeropa kani haienderi mahara kwete
Posted By , : Jul 30 2007 07:08 AM
Zirume rako rakufa neAids
Haunyare kubatanidza muromo wepamusoro newe pasi wakatsvuka ne aids kunge mhata yegudo uchishamatata zvisina maturo, uri zihure zibeche rakadhamba rinokwirwa nemazidhara ezanu, mahure munonetsa ndosaka uchikwirana na Patrick Chinamasa, zirume rako rikafa hapana anoroora zibeche rakadhamba kunge imbwa yakadhaura kudaro. panemurume asingazivi beche rako iwe.
Posted By mukiribati , Manchester, Uk : Aug 3 2007 10:36 PM
zanu chiororo
vanhu ve mdc hamuna nyaya.makangozara nehasha dzekukundikana in life.u just natural losers and cant blame zanu for that.just suck it and get used to your fate.of you realy care that much bout zimbabwe come back home tibatsirane kuivaka,you wouldnt be an illegal for twenty-some years in diaspora flipping beggars.huya utange yako nursing home kuno,inga chembere ijawi.and the learned editor or adminstrator of this site,you lake common sense.if anyone gets hurt and its connected to your site,i bet you, thats a big law suit on your hands.those kids are just like any other kids.and your cheerleaders are just a bunch of haters.hard work dear,hard work.stop hating people doin they thing.and remember what goes around
Posted By makisi muzarabani , mzarabani zimbabwe : Aug 5 2007 05:55 AM
If anyone gets hurt it will be because zanu pf will have succeeded in pushing itself into oblivion.Zanu is already in the doldrums anyways we are simply counting down the days.The funny thing is the Zanu people kill each other anyway we dont need to.The unacceptable thing Zanu is a murderous regime,it is corrupt, it is heavily immoral and a pack full of liars.From their childrens recent comments on this site we have discovered that they dont give a care about the majority of people suffering.They have even claimed it is their God given right to be where they are, refusing to acknowledge their fathers sins.The only thing you are right about is that WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND FOR THE DAYS OF ZANU ARE SURELY COMING TO AN END.And only till then are we going to come back home to rebuild our nation.
Posted By , : Aug 5 2007 07:05 AM
Zanu PF kids abroad
I don't see any name in your story of any zanu PF official child. Misleading headline
Posted By Mutate weChimanimani , Toronto, Canada : Aug 5 2007 09:06 PM
we are all family
some of you are related to one of these politians and most of you outside the country are benefiting as a result of the the political unrest.if you are so concerned all of you come back and lets build it together.cowards.how many of you have claimed assylum when there were not in any particular danger.You abused the united nations protocol meant to protect refugees and you stand there and tell me politians this and that.look at yourself.
Posted By jerry kambuzuma , kuwadzana harare : Aug 9 2007 12:49 AM
i agree
thats the first mature comment so far,however this is not the place for it .We are idiots ,sick of staying at home doing nothing .we are just trying to empty our frustration at other people .there should always be a scape goat, you know what i mean.i dont speak for everyone though just the 99% who visit and post stuff to this site regulary.Honestly man if you are in zim and u can afford internet. you are up there. so all this gid that peolpe from zim are saying is pure shiiit.
Posted By mercy maunganidze , zimbabwe : Aug 10 2007 12:01 PM
Pathetic Tribalists
The editors of this website are Pathetic Tribalists.Zimbabwe can do without people like you.I will Personally Campaign for a Class Suite involving all whose rights you have infringed.Zimbabwe needs healing and not neo Nazis like you who are setting pple against each other,for your own benefits.People Should Know that you are getting Money from advertisers you are not really doing this for the Good of our Country,you are just exploiting the Situation like Zanu Pf
Posted By david khumalo , Dublin Ireland : Aug 12 2007 03:38 AM
http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/downer-to-deport-henchmens-children/2007/08/17/1186857723174.h The Federal Government will seek to revoke student visas held by eight children of senior members of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwean regime. Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer today announced the measure as part of a strengthening of Australia's sanctions against the African nation. Mr Downer said he had taken the decision because Mugabe continued to display a complete disregard of democracy and human rights. He was also continuing the economic policies which are destroying his country, leading to 10,000 per cent inflation and 80 per cent unemployment, Mr Downer said. Once the students' visas have been revoked the Government will move to have them removed from Australia, Mr Downer said. "I have also initiated steps to reject the student visa applications of a further two adult children who are children of a senior Mugabe regime figure," Mr Downer said. "For privacy reasons, the names of the individuals subject to the measures I have outlined will not be released." Mr Downer said Australia will now screen all future student visa applications from Zimbabweans to identify whether applicants are the children of Zimbabwean officials or regime supporters. "Applications so identified will be referred to me for consideration as to whether their presence in Australia would be in Australia's foreign policy interests," Mr Downer said. Mr Downer said the measures will not affect the overwhelming majority of Zimbabwean students in Australia. Existing sanctions prevent members of the regime visiting Australia or transferring funds to and from Australia. "These new measures will now also prevent these individuals from giving their families the kind of education their policies have denied the ordinary people of Zimbabwe," Mr Downer said.
Posted By DOWNUNDER , Melbourne, Australia : Aug 17 2007 05:07 AM
Vanangu dai mafano gara marongedza.Hazvina hazvo basa huyai zvenyu kumba.Tokudai mose zvakadaro.We don't need those imperialists countries mhani! After all we are an independent country, with fine educational institutions.for example the UZ,the Border Gezi Camps!They are just jealousy of our success! Huyai kuno muyamwe.
Posted By Vabereki , Zimbabwe : Aug 17 2007 08:11 AM
shut up gladys
i happen to know passion quiet well and the kid is the nicest guy on the planet and he lives in no mansion, keep your opinions of the kids to yourself you pompus douche bag...
Posted By scorps , syd, australia : Aug 20 2007 01:21 PM
Is not the chief justices on but he is the nephew, his father is a younger brother to the chief justice. His mom is a HARDCORE ZANU loyalist who despises whites and the MDC so please don't lie and say she's a hard worker, they got money from ZANU and they are also related to the former VP of Zimbabwe, simon Muzenda, that's where their riches came from!!!!
Posted By gochi gochi , vienna, brazil : Aug 27 2007 03:31 AM
I told you before you guys that I had complied the names of these spoiled brats, now they are gone, We will be sending in more names and the Aussie GVt will make sure that the bastards are sent packing. Now they can all go to the commercial farms and work there or to Chinenese Universities.
Posted By MEL BROWN , BELLA VISTA - AUSTRALIA : Sep 5 2007 02:44 AM
Hate breeds more hate.. be careful what you do, for as much as God is watching what the Zanu Pf bigwigs do and building up their sins for punishment, he is watching your sins too.. Be very careful, God doesn't mess around and won't listen to justifications of your hate. Just a warning, you'l sell yuor soul down the river.
Posted By Prayer , Home : Sep 24 2007 09:28 PM
you are offspring of the devil
mapfumo akataura mhata imhata twa mama send them home the thieving bastards.
Posted By mbuya wako ndibob , cassablanca morrocco : Sep 24 2007 09:35 PM
you righteous bastard
god helps those that helps themselves, lets help ourselves get them back and we start from there. they are using our money for pleasure. vana va gono tiri kuda kutovakwira chete twaka wonda saka unenge uchirova pelvic gurdle, ko asi baba vari kutenga mota chete ko food wasup hola!
Posted By mbuya wako ndibob , cassablanca morrocco : Sep 24 2007 09:41 PM
daughters and sons of the devil
You claim you want to clense the country, hurt the kids of the so called enemies but all i say to the poor souls who suffer like i do, stay strong you must be doing something right for these children of lucifer to hunt you down the way they do.I have posted back and forth by Munamato from bradford and each time i wonder how he hides his horns so well (kufana sababa wako lucifer).You have nothing to do, you are unsucessful..i dont wat your issues are but you righting things that could kill a human being is not the answer..repent, change your ways and God will forgive you for this..And to the rest who hav little to do..well all i feel is pity
Posted By shaiso , you know : Sep 26 2007 09:20 PM
I Love ZimDaily
Posted By , : Sep 26 2007 09:33 PM
indava musinanyaya so kokuzoswramonungana nevana vemaminister ndikokuita seyi most of you idiots out there are where you are coz maminister did wat they had to do to free zimbabwe
Posted By tawanda , nyc : Oct 2 2007 05:29 PM
21st Century Freedon Fighter (responding to anonymous-below)
Anonymous - you display the same arrogance that has taken our beloved Zimbabwe to the edge of the precipice. In labelling people motivated by a sense of justice, "retards, uneducated", you reveal yourself to be an unashamed apologist for a crack pot regime that has made a mockery of the liberation struggle, trashed the dignity of its people, not forgeting the plight of 20,000 + Matebeles that fell to the north korean indoctrinated psycopaths. Your languange is the language of Zanu elites! For how can you not see the presence of these people/ children as an illustration of everying that is wrong with Zimbabwe. The Zimbawe elite that profit from our dispair and destitution and that utter untruths about western sanctions see nothing wrong in dispatching their children to those very western places with ill gotten gains. Why do you not rail against this paradox, representing as it does the rot at the heart of the zimbabwe govt? For me the fact these people wander unencumbered in Australia and elsewhere enjoying the very freedoms denied to Zimbabwean back home is an affront of the highest magnitude and causes serious offence, the kind that will see me, along with many good Zimbabweans putting our collective weight behind the inevitable justice that will be meted to people complicit in the mispropriation of Zimbabwean assets ( a register exists!).Anonymous, ironically people on this forum whom you accuse of not being constructive are through their remittances delaying the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy and thus shielding you from the virtual collapse of the economy if indeed you are Zimbabwe. Some of these people sending remittances are working in very challenging circumstances, and often combining study with work to the detriment of their health. Today, I was outside Zimbabwe House in London, singing protest songs and showing solidary against an entrached enemy. You may ask what this achieves? The effect is the same as outing these people. It prevents the soul from decaying and in a very small way keeps you focused on the ultimate goal, to bring change to Zimbabwe. Maybe your reply will be more measured next time. Peace be with you...Rinemanyanga hariputirwe/ TrUth will prevail, together will will defeat the bastards!
Posted By No posturing please- cogent and construsive views , London UK : Dec 30 2007 01:32 AM
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