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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Catholic University graduation dilemma!


Wed, 14 Feb 2007 00:10:00

Isabel Panyangara

The Catholic University has mounted a subtle war to deter the ageing President Robert Mugabe from officiating at the graduation ceremonies of the infant institution of higher learning amid revelations that the controversial man-of-cloth cum opposition politician Arch Bishop Pius Ncube

has been declared an obvious candidate for the high table a situation that does not go down well with the ZANU PF chief.
Already the same guests of the high table at the previous graduation ceremony have been re-invited to further ruffle the feathers of the wordsmith and troubled ZANU PF leader, it has been revealed.
According to a well-placed source within the admin istration of the Hatfield-based Catholic University, at the first and second graduation ceremonies of the university President Robert Mugabe the Chancellor of all universities in Zimbabwe once warned that he would not agree to officiate at future ceremonies if the university allows a situation where he is made to dine and wine with his open enemy.
Pius Ncube, considered to be the off-shoot man of spine has been openly calling on the local and international scene for the ouster of Robert Mugabe on the grounds that the socio-economic and political scene has been taken to the doldrums by his antiquated system of governance.
It has emerged that at last year’s graduation ceremony, Mugabe openly refused to take a seat within the area of the high table “Until Pius Ncube is not within his sight.”
The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) once said that they would explore all the avenues of the socio-economic and political sphere to thin ZANU PF political space and ultimately suffocate it from the system of governance.
Most churches in Zimbabwe including the Seventh Day Adventist in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organisations are working in concert to muscle ZANU PF out of power hence save multitudes of suffering masses from the grip of oppression considered to be worse than the Rhodesian era.
Meanwhile further investigation by ZimDaily reveal that the Catholic University is riddled by pilferage, sexual and financial scandals pitting the “bigwigs” of that supposedly siren centre for serious academics.
One Father Mhembere is allegedly engaged in an extra-marital affair, dubbed a fling by the youths on the social scene with a married woman raising the ire of some straight-minded admin istrators at the university.
It has been disclosed that the pseudo couple spends the better part of the day behind closed doors purporting to be deliberating on admin istrative matters and in a majority of circumstances the woman is seen with a dizzy face showing that some explicit affair had been unravelling in an office at the admin istration block.
It has also emerged that Mhembere is in the habit of parcelling out tranches of money to appease his married soul-mates a situation that has caused cracks in the financial coffers of the Catholic University.
As a stop-gap mea sure , Mhembere and his other admin istrators have stopped paying transport allowances to most of their workers and to date a sizeable number have been told to stay put at home until otherwise.
The university is profusely groaning under financial maladies.
According to revelations of the congregation at the Highfields sect of the Catholic University a pool of worshippers disclosed to this scribe that Father Mhembere diverted a Mazda 626 donated to the church into his own personal property and the car has since disappeared from the scene.
Father Mhembere has refused to shed insight into the mystery surrounding the car as well as his affair with a married woman at the university saying he does not want to go public with his personal life.
At its inception Catholic University once failed to stage its maiden graduation ceremony for two years owing to mismanagement and internal bickering that largely interfered with the University’s calendar of events.
It has also transpired that a wave of academic fraud has rocked Catholic University with one notorious lecturer Jecheche demanding financial or sexual token from students to leak final question papers.
Students were made to pay a token of illicit service Z$20 000 per final examination paper at Catholic University, at the University of Zimbabwe the same part-time lecturer was charging up to Z$500 000.00 per head as he promised to fix things up for “compliant” students.
Rector Nondo who is the official mouthpiece of the university confirmed having received such reports of illicit academic transactions and convened a meeting with Jecheche who denied the allegations with a guilty face.
A disciplinary hearing was held for the errand lecturer Jecheche but the outcome never saw light the next day as sources say Ncube intervened to salvage his relative from facing the music.

Monday, 12 February 2007

International Day of Prayer for Zimbabwe!

We have begun work on this project. Please visit our website at www.PrayZimbabwe.org and help us get the word out to the world about this day, and the events taking place in Zimbabwe today. Thank you!

International Day of Prayer for Zimbabwe: April 18, 2007

Friday, 9 February 2007


I'm very impressed with the Zimbos!

Surely how many websites do we Zimbos have?

I'm now a member of Forums at newzimbabwe.com, talkzimbabwe.com, zimdaily.com and thezimbabwetimes.com .

Now I've joined the Forum at nehandaradio.com .

"The more...the merrier!"

The Radical Mindset!

A Decade of Memoirs for Zimbabwe!

We don't mind who the one on the helm is, as long as there is democracy, freedom of the press and economic growth.
I am not a Zimbabwean (maybe for a change in these discussions); but I follow the discussions on this forum with an evil eye. Even if I am to marry a Zimbabwean lady, I will never be a Zimbabwean. But there is just this something unfound still that I have always had a special place in my heart for Zimbabwe. I am afraid the Reverend "Radical Soldier" may call me thus "a friend of Zimbabwe'.

Since the days I was younger and more kinder with words, my elder sister, who by profession was a Computer Programmer, would break off for a long weekend to come to Harare and buy so many pairs of shoes and clothing to sell in Blantyre. That type of business was meant to supplement her miagree salary.

She would tell us stories about Mbare Bus Terminal and how robbers did terrorize them in broad day-light to rout them (mostly Malawian business ladies) of their wares. The story that I will never forget till my dooms day is about a pity-pocket snatcher who was chased by an athletic woman until he found solace underneath the bench where policemen were seated. Quizzed as to why he was stealing, his logical answer was that he was protecting his economy from falling by taking some things back from foreigners.

Today, one wonders if the powers that be in Zimbabwe have the same passion to protect their economy from falling apart. Probably some are busy transferring state funds into personal foreign accounts amid all this political chaos where accountability is often a word unheard of.

And my first visit to Harare on the sixth of January, 1996 was never a disappointment. How could I be in the former capital of Rhodesia and Nyasaland? Far fetched from our busiest town, Blantyre, it was a huge and very clean city. I was told the township we visited that night, Chitungwiza, was a perfect Ndirande I was lost for words because it was a perfect example of how ought Ndirande be!

Then my other sister was working for the Malawian Embassy resident in Harare. The house she stayed in northern suburb of Highlands was equivalent to one allotted to someone with a ministerial portfolio in Area 10 in the capital, Lilongwe. Yet she was just a personal assistant to the High Commissioner.

Zimbabwe was a Southern African haven. If we could turn back the clock once in a while for our off springs to see what it was then!

Ten years down the line today, I would not be prosecuted for withdrawing my sentiments. The once upon a time poshy Highlands suburb is no more the same people are cultivating maize up to within five meters from the main road to Nyamapanda. Any renovations would probably not be too just to the buildings; they may just be cost saving to destroy and start all over. The shoes that were being window displayed in the shops are gone meaning the manufacturers also crossed the Limpopo to where economy flourishes.

How quickly things can fall apart! In just ten years I have passed through Zimbabwe, it has turned from a haven to a hell!

Every time the buses take me home for a recess, I always pray that we do not have a breakdown and I have been disappointed on more occasion than once. There is nothing to buy to keep your body and soul together. If there is, that thing is either sub-standard or way past its sell-by date. Previously, we used to say if we had a breakdown it would be a nicer excuse to feast on their fruits and fresh farm produce. The farms that bestowed good agricultural practices are now rainforests. But even then, the buses were so faithful to carry us across without any hurdles.

There are biting economic hardships in Zimbabwe, even as seen from a passerby's perspective!
And every time we continue to pass through Zimbabwe, we pray that sanity prevails. To be honest, we don't mind who the one on the helm is, as long as there is democracy, freedom of the press and economic growth. We don't mind whether its black or white farmers, commercial or subsistence farmers who cultivate the estates, as long as there is enough food to meet its nation's demands.

Because my younger brother thinks it is too costly and time consuming to come down to Johannesburg for his business merchandise. Harare is the only solution (prove me otherwise!) as it used to be more than ten years ago before the poor local people were caught in between political crossfires.

And now is the time, before the infrastructure deserted by companies and business people in Harare, Bulawayo, Masvingo et cetera comes to earth due to lack of maintenance. As each day pass by without changes in either the rulers' principles or structure, the harder it will be for successors to start rebuilding Zimbabwe (or will he/she rename it the Democratic Republic of Southern Rhodesia just to get rid of all that reminds people of Bob?) from scratch.

By: Kamuzum@yahoo.com

Monday, 5 February 2007

Shame on ZANU-PF/ Robert Mugabe: Arrest of Striking Nurses!

                                       PRESS STATEMENT
The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions deplores the arrest of three nurses from the Harare hospital for allegedly inciting nurses at Parirenyatwa hospital to go on strike.
The police have shown overzealousness in dealing with the matter.
What is more irking is the fact that government dithers in addressing concerns raised by striking doctors and nurses and instead dwells on trivial issues such as arresting innocent people. Nurses and doctors are no different from any other ordinary Zimbabwean worker hence their demands for a wage increase. It is insulting for government to pay nurses at the rate of $108 000 when the Poverty Datum Line that now stands at over $400 000.
If press reports that more than 60 000 people have lost their lives since the beginning of doctors' and nurses' strike are anything to go by, then government should be held solely responsible.
We demand that government should, as a matter of urgency, address the needs of striking nurses and doctors in order to avoid any further loss of lives at hospitals. The nurses who have been arrested should be released without conditions immediately. We also stand by our demand that government should device an effective system of reviewing health personnel and other civil servant's salaries before strike action.
It is high time that business and government address the issue of poverty datum line linked minimum wages at Tripartite Negotiating Forum level to avert strike action in all sectors. Teachers are currently on a go-slow, and indications are that more crippling strike actions are in the offing if wages are not linked to the PDL as a matter of urgency.
Meanwhile, labour is disturbed by utterances of some business community representatives that they fully support the freezing of prices and wages. Dreaming is allowed but not all dreams come true!
This would ideally work in an environment where wages and the PDL are at par. What labour proposes is that prices be frozen first while wages are gradually brought up to the level of PDL. When these two are at par, only then can such proposals be entertained.
The workers of Zimbabwe, who include civil servants, those in the army and police, have been reduced to beggars as they are earning slavery wages and they demand long lasting solutions to the current rot that Zimbabwe finds itself in. Workers  are tired of piecemeal and stop-gap measures when it is clear that the crisis we find ourselves in, centers around issues of governance.
We urge government and all other stakeholders to deal with issues of salaries and wages as top priority now to avoid a volatile and potentially explosive year as the workers are now caught between a rock and a hard place.
Workers will react in the way they know best – strike action.
                                                                                        2 February 2007
Wellington Chibebe
Khumbulani Ndlovu
Information Officer
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions
P.O Box 3549
Telephone +263-4-794702/794742
E-mail: info@zctu.co.zw
Website: www.zctu.co.zw


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